Circle K – Ann Arbor

18 01 2009
  • 1420 E. Stadium Blvd.
  • Ann Arbor, MI 48104
  • (734) 997-9405
  • Website
The Circle K on Stadium Boulevard and Packard Street in Ann Arbor

The Circle K on Stadium Boulevard and Packard Street in Ann Arbor

What’s my favorite thing about going to Ann Arbor?  It’s not Zingerman’s.  It’s not Blimpie Burger.  It’s the Circle K.  I made my to Ann Arbor through a snowstorm for work.  I left pretty early because I didn’t know just how bad the roads would be.  When I got to town, I made a quick stop at Zingerman’s Next Door to pick up some caramel’s for J.  I still had about a half hour before my call time when I got to Crisler Arena and I remembered that there was a Circle K about half a mile down the road, so I headed out back on to the unplowed streets of Ann Arbor.

The Circle K is on Stadium Boulevard not too far from The Big House and Crisler Arena.  It’s not the newest gas station in town, but they had what I needed.   A Polar Pop.  I’ve blogged a few times in the past about the Polar Pop, but I’ll remind you again, it’s more nostalgia than anything.  Yes.  It’s just a Pepsi out of a fountain in a styrofoam cup, but, unlike other gas stations, they charge less than a buck.  Actually, they only charge $.63. 

I lived on these things when I worked in Peoria.  It didn’t matter where I was in the city, there was a Circle K somewhere close.  It took me a lot longer to go a half mile than I thought then I had a hard time getting ot of the parking lot.  The station is on a corner and I needed to cross traffic.  Even with four wheel drive, I wasn’t interested in doing that so I tried to go around the block.  It seems like “going around the block” never works for me in Ann Arbor. Oh well, I eventually turned around and made it back to Crisler with time to spare.  I had my Polar Pop so no matter how bad my day had been so far or how bad the drive back to Lansing was going to be, it was already a good day.




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