Red Cedar Grill Closes

7 01 2009

I was shocked when I saw a story on about business declining in Delta Township and it included this sentence…

The Red Cedar Grill at the Lansing Mall closed this week.

That was all it said.  Didn’t give a reason.  Didn’t elaborate.  I went looking for an e-mail to see if I could get some answers without any luck, but I did run across this blog from blogger John Schneider.  Again, not much of an explanation, but he did sort of blame it on the economy.  What was really interesting about the blog post was that the owner of Heathcorp Ventures Craig Heath actually initiated contact with the writer to let them know about gift cards that may have been purchased as Christmas presents.

“One of the reasons that I am writing you is because I know that you have, in the past, been the sounding board for those folks who were upset about their inability to redeem a gift certificate at a closed restaurant.  I hope that you will help me spread the word that I am inviting anyone who holds a Red Cedar Grill gift certificate to come to our Williamston location for its redemption.”

And — AND —Heath will add 10 percent to the face value. The bonus will apply through March 31.

Wow.  That says a lot about a guy who just had to close one of his restaurants.  Not only is your gift card valid in Williamston and Brighton, but they will add 10 percent which should cover your gas.  Red Cedar Grill was one of the first restaurants in the Lansing area that was recommended to us on this blog.  We ate there in the spring for lunch and really liked the place (review HERE).  Was hoping to take family there when they were in town, but it never happened and now it won’t.  We’ve also talked many times about going to Williamston for dinner, but after a few new places opened up in the town, Red Cedar is just one of many places on our list of places so we’ll see.  Either way, it’s sad to see such a great restaurant lock up.




3 responses

8 01 2009

This sucks. I found this out the hard way today and was very disappointed. Too bad. Lost another good restaurant in Lansing.

15 01 2009

I really wasn’t surprised. I have been there several times and it has never been busy, even on weekends. Their Williamston Restaurant is still open with the same menu and the Brighton Grill in Brighton has the same ownership as well.

23 02 2009

The reason was the declining economy, as well as the mall making promises they could not deliver. The mall was trying to change their image and bring more high end clientele that would spend more money. They promised advertising etc that they did not deliver on. Heathcorp Ventures is taking a major blow because of it.

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