7-Eleven – S. Cicero, Oak Lawn, IL

5 01 2009
  • 10441 S. Cicero Ave.
  • Oak Lawn, IL 60453
  • (708) 636-4052
  • Website
7-Eleven on South Cicero Ave in Oak Lawn, IL

7-Eleven on South Cicero Ave in Oak Lawn, IL

I told you I had a new addiction to 7-Eleven.  J and I had to make a quick trip back to Chicago for an unplanned visit that I’m not going to get in to.  We were only there a day and a half, but we still had time to go out to dinner with her parents.  We went to Hackney’s in Palos Park (review HERE) which is a few miles from her parents.  On the way, we noticed a huge range of gas prices.  The stations along Cicero were all at $1.95, but a couple stations along 111th Street were still at $1.75, so after we got home, J and I jumped back in my truck and went to get gas.

I’m not usually one who runs after cheaper gas, but I was shocked that gas was as cheap in the Chicago area as it was in Lansing.  Usually, we’re 30 – 40 cents less than the suburbs which is 30 – 40 cents less than the City, so I didn’t want to miss out on the 20 cent savings. 

So, we filled up at Speedway and started heading home.  Oh sure, I could have just went inside at Speedway and got a frozen Coke, but I knew I was passing a 7-Eleven.  I had been a little grumpy all day and both J and I were exhausted, so I decided to do something nice and offered to stop for slurpees.  At first, she hesitated, but quickly changed her mind. The 7-Eleven on South Cicero hasn’t always been there.  When J was growing up, this location was a White Hen Pantry which is another chain of convenience stores in the Chicago area that is all over.  This particular 7-Eleven is quite big.  The counter is in the middle of the store and it’s stocked with hot dogs, donuts and other quick meals.  We found the slurpee machine along the back wall.  I was going to get a Frozen Mountain Dew, but the machine was broke, so I went with the Coke slurpee.  J found a flavor we haven’t noticed in Lansing.  Usually she mixes a bunch of different flavors, but this time went with a majority of a vanilla slurpee with just a touch of Coke on top. 

I don’t know about her, but I was still a little hungry when we got home.  My burger didn’t fill me up, so I needed something else.  A slurpee isn’t really food, but it did the job.  J loved her vanilla slurpee.  Don’t know if that’s something new or we just missed it around here.  I usually go to the 7-Eleven by myself and I don’t pay attention because I know I want a Coke.  Hopefully they do or will have it soon.




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