Dinner Train Ending Run

31 12 2008

This is something else I thought was outdated.  I had no idea these dinner trains still ran yet this is the second one I’ve heard of in Michigan.  When we moved here, I found info on the Murder Mystery Dinner Train and tonight, J saw a story in the Detroit News about the Michigan Star Clipper making it’s last run.

After 24 years, the Michigan Star Clipper dinner train is making its last passenger run on New Year’s Eve before it embarks on plans to relocate to the East Coast in 2009.

Plans are also under way to sell the nine-mile-long rail line and eventually transfer the land to local communities, possibly for use in a trail network.

The Monday announcement by parent company Railmark Holdings Inc. has nothing to do with the dinner train’s derailment Friday because of icy roads and tracks, President and CEO B. Allen Brown said.

Anyone ever gone on one of these?  They sound cheesy to me, but I’m still a little curious.  Everytime I see these now I think of the King of the Hill episode when they went on a murder mystery for Peggy’s birthday and Luanne ruins it.  J loves King of the Hill 😉




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