Quality Dairy – Cavanaugh Ave

31 12 2008
  • 917 E. Cavanaugh Ave.
  • Lansing, MI 48910
  • (517) 272-1509
  • Website
Quality Dairy on South Pennsylvania in Lansing.

Quality Dairy on South Pennsylvania in Lansing.

For some odd reason, J and I have started a tradition of making ice cream sandwiches and playing games on New Year’s Eve.  Last year, we played Trivial Pursuit.  This year, it will probably be Rock Band 2, but the thing that will be the same is the ice cream sandwiches. 

As we left Corey’s, J suggested stopping at Meijer to get some ice cream so we could keep this odd tradition going.  I wasn’t really in the mood to go into Meijer.  Just getting something simple seems to take 20 minutes.  When we left Corey’s, we headed back towards Pennsylvania.  I knew somewhere along there their was a Quality Dairy. The store sits on the corner of Pennyslvania and Cavanaugh, but apparently, the address is on Cavanaugh.  The store faces Pennsylvania though…weird

Quality Dairy is one of those things that is foreign to me, but for people that grew up here, it’s something they have a hard time living without once moving away.  I see it as just another convenience store, but with ice cream and it was the ice cream that drew us in.

Oh sure, I could have taken the 20 minutes and stopped at Meijer and paid a couple bucks less, but this time, we opted for convience and flavor.  I’ve only bought QD ice cream one other time…mainly because of the price, but it really is good ice cream.

We went simple.  Even though J was tempted by a flavor called Mackinac Island Fudge, we grabbed a simple vanilla.  The final application for this ice cream was going to be an ice cream sandwich, so complicated flavors wouldn’t have worked as well. 

We grabbed the carton of ice cream and headed to the counter to pay.  The total was about $4.70.  Like I already said, a little pricey, but better ice cream than you’d get for two bucks at the mega mart. 

On the way out, we noticed the ice cream counter were you can get scoops of ice cream.  They had the Mackinac Island Fudge flavor and I tried to talk J into getting a scoop but it’s 19 degrees outside, so she passed.

Mission accomplished.  Now I have to make cookies….




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