Tony’s Party Store

4 11 2008
  • 6100 S. Cedar St.
  • Lansing, MI 48911
  • (517) 882-2311
  • No Known Website
Tonys Party Store on Cedar and Miller Roads in South Lansing

Tony's Party Store on Cedar and Miller Roads in South Lansing

I’m really not a fan of liquor stores…or party stores as they’re called here.  I had stopped at a few places, including Meijer, looking for just a small bottle of Tequila.  J picked up this margarita mixers at Linens ‘N Things store closing sale a few weeks ago and we keep forgetting to get some tequila to finish them off.  Since election day is stressful in her line of work, I thought I’d be nice and have a margarita waiting when she got home.  I only needed three shots and we don’t drink a lot of liquor so I didn’t want to spend $25 on a big bottle that would never get drank.  I thought a liquor store would be my best bet.

Tony’s Party Store is on the corner of Cedar and Miller Roads.  I’ve been in there a few times in the past.  El Oasis has a counter there and we stopped for lunch one day (review HERE).  While getting food that day, I also noticed they have Pepsi in a glass bottle, so I’ve stopped a few times for that. 

Like the other places I had been to today, all the hard liquor is behind the counter.  I hate that.  I want to be able to find what I want without pressure.  I was tired of looking so I finally gave in.  I went to the pop cooler and grabbed a Sprite Zero (another recent 0 calorie find that tastes exactly like the full calorie version) then headed to the counter.  I didn’t see any tequila so I asked the clerk and he pointed it out.  I just told him to give me a bottle of Cuervo.  

He rang up my Sprite and liquor and it came to just over seven bucks.  I had exactly seven bucks and some change in my pocket so I tried to give him my credit card.  He said he couldn’t take it without a fee if the total is under $10, so I dug out my remaining cash and enough change to cover it.  I felt like a wino counting out my change so I could ge a bottle of booze.  After counting out my pennies, I grabbed my paper bag and got out of there.

Tony’s isn’t my favorite place to go.  There’s just something that makes me uncomfortable in most liquor stores.  I got what I needed and got it at a pretty good price, so I can’t complain too much.  I’m not going to be a regular customer, but at least they finally had what I was looking for.




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7 11 2008

Unlike Illinois, Michigan law sets minimum retail prices on liquor (but not beer or wine), so you’re unlikely to see a big difference in price anywhere. Until recently, the state set all retail prices for liquor, but now allows upward retail price flexibility (ensuring the state gets its large cut of the profits). So there’s no “sales” like I see in liquor stores around Chicago when I’m there.

That’s why unless I need to stock up for a party, I buy all booze at duty-free stores when returning from Canada.

7 11 2008
Mid-Michigan Dining

Interesting…I don’t really care about the price. I just didn’t like that it’s behind the counter…that was my complaint.

19 04 2009

Tony’s is by far the best Party Store I’ve ever been to in Lansing. They have a large Liquor selection and unlike other stores the employees don’t talk a foreign language while I am buying something. They are also very polite. I think the only reason the Liquor is behind the counter is because of the high percentage of theft around the area but that’s just a guess.

18 07 2011

what time do they close on a monday?

14 05 2012
mike barron

Tony’s party store is a great store unfortunately they do have to deal with drunks if the liquor was on the shelf the theifs would loot him out. Keep doing a great job tonys staff the regulars love the store

25 07 2013

tonys is the best store, it’s nice, clean, i feel safe when i walk in because of all the cameras thats in there. i can pay my phone bill when I’m there as well as my consumers & any other bill. they also offer good deals on boost mobile phones and they are really nice people. also i believe that tonys party store has the biggest liquor shelf ever.

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