Press Release – Hunters Helping Food Banks

14 11 2008

From a press release from the Mid-Michigan Food Bank

Bridging the Gap Between Hunters And The Hungry

Lansing, MI – For many in Michigan, fall means one thing – deer hunting. There are many reasons people hunt, to commune with nature, to bond with friends and family, and for some, to supply food for their families. But for those hunters who would rather not spend the next three months eating venison, the Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger have a solution.
Since 1991, the Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger (MSAH) has been working to create linkages between hunters, wild game processors and charities which feed needy individuals, such as the Mid-Michigan Food Bank. MSAH is an all-volunteer organization, led by sportsmen and women who are concerned about making a positive difference for the communities in which they live.

According to the Department of Natural Resources, Michigan leads the nation in hunting licenses and sadly, has also led in the increase of working poor families with children. The Mid-Michigan Food Bank (MMFB) serves more than 92,000 individuals each year. Approximately 39% of those clients are children. MMFB seeks to bridge the gap between hunters and hungry families by giving hunters the opportunity to donate wild game to hunger relief organizations.
“Being able to provide protein to our agencies is such an important goal for us,” said David Karr, Director of Operations. “Providing a well rounded diet, including meat, is made much easier with the generous contribution that hunters make each year through this program.” Read the rest of this entry »