Lansing Fish Market

6 11 2008
  • 815 Edgewood Blvd.
  • Lansing MI 48911
  • (517) 882-2676
  • No Known Website
  • Menu
Lansing Fish Market on Edgewood and Washington in Lansing.

Lansing Fish Market on Edgewood and Washington in Lansing.

I’ve seen a couple of these “You Buy, We Fry” places around town and I’ve been curious.  I don’t like fish, so that’s kept me out, but for some reason, I was cutting across Edgewood Blvd. a few weeks ago and noticed the Lansing Fish Market.  It said they also did chicken, so I made a plan to go back.  J wasn’t able to come home for dinner tonight, so I was free to explore a little bit and not drag her to a place she might not like. 

The Lansing Fish Market is on the corner of Edgewood and Washington right next to a liquor store in a little strip mall.  There’s not much to the place.  There is a small dining room on the right side of the room with less than six tables.  On the other side of the room, there’s a fresh fish case with different fishies on ice.  There was no menu posted, but they did have paper menus in a couple different locations.  I grabbed one on my way in and flipped back to the chicken section.  They have a number of different options mostly consisting of whole chicken wings.  There’s also options for half a chicken and a “specials” board had buffalo wings and chicken strips.  I settled on the 6 wing dinner since it was pretty cheap and came with coleslaw, fries, and bread.  The clerk was on his cell phone when I walked in and didn’t even set it down when I ordered.  He was kind enough to the person he was talking to to move the phone away from his face so when he asked me what I wanted they didn’t have to hear it.  He never did tell me how much my food was.  He just kept going with his conversation.  I handed him a ten knowing it would be around five bucks. Turns out, it was just under five bucks. 

I sat down and waited for my food to be fried.  I took a look around the rest of the shop, but the cuts of fish didn’t mean anything to me.  The deal is, you can buy the fish there and they can either give it to you raw so you can cook it yourself or for another buck and a half, they will fry it up for you.  They also sell a number fry aides like coating, old bay, and hot sauces.

A 6 piece chicken wing dinner from Lansing Fish Market

A 6 piece chicken wing dinner from Lansing Fish Market

After about ten minutes, my order came up.  I grabbed it to go and headed home.  It made my truck smell delicious.  When I did finally get home, I was shocked at just how much food I got.  There was more than $5 worth of food in there.  The Styrofoam to go container was filled up with fries and wings.  I started with the fries.  They were a little soggy, but still nice and warm.  They were out of a bag, but they were the thin cut ones.  The chicken wings were a pretty good size as well. There was a little bit of seasoning which I think was a Tony Chachere seasoning which was one of the spice mixes they were selling in the shop.  I’ve got a box of their seasoning which I use every now and then, but I didn’t think it went well with the chicken.  It was still good, but it made the texture a little grainy and it was just odd.  Still, the chicken was good and filling.

I still can’t believe how much food I got for the price.  I didn’t eat the coleslaw and the bread was just two pieces of white bread, but the chicken and fries by themselves were more than worth the price.  The Lansing Fish Market exceeded my expectations.  Really, my expectations were really low, but this place is definitely a good value.  It’s not gourmet food or even the best chicken I’ve ever had, but for less than $5, I had a really good meal that left me satisfied.




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26 10 2009
michelle fewless

MLK has got some serious competition now!!!! The Lansing Fish Market is now under new ownership with better service, better selection of fish, and a taste that will blow you out of your seat. You have to go check these guys out….. you cant find too many places anymore that have the type of friendly, fun customer service that they have. Not to include the fresh, clean, family atmosphere that they provide….. the best smelling fish market around. check it out. their chicken wings are a must have, we have friends that are willing to come in from outta town to have these wings and they also have tenders and nuggets for the children, their so good i even bought some for myself. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 06 2010

They have the best wings anywhere!

23 05 2012

I ate there yesterday been sick every since, been having Diarrhea for 24 hours now.

22 12 2012
Mista Heavyhitta Lake

both are good im on my way to to eat now but people get sick because they dont wash there hands and its that time of the year when people get sick i hate when people put a finger on something and dont know what it is lol good day to all and eat fresh always

9 02 2013
jim klink

I have ate there many times the fish are fried up quickly and they are very tasty. I grew up next to lake mi. Holland area and use to catch lots of fish so i know what good fish is suppose to taste like. Edgewood does a fantastic job on there fish very tasty. And there chicken wings are second to no other. Five stars all the way.

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