Election Day BBQ Redux

4 11 2008

Some people throw BBQ’s on Memorial Day.  Some people on Fourth of July.  Not me.  I do my BBQing on Election Day!  I got up about 10:30 this morning to go wait in line to cast my vote.  Afterwards, we headed home and I fired up the grill.  J works in an industry that causes her to stay late on election night, so we grabbed a couple pork butts from Kroger for her and her co-workers.  Since I don’t need an excuse to BBQ, I was more than willing to offer my services.  Just like last time, I’ll be updating during the day because I know J’s co-workers will be reading.

If you missed last time, check out THAT POST for recipes and such..this time, it’s just pics….also too, to get things started, here’s what I started with…







UPDATE 1:13 PM – One hour in.  Having some trouble with my fire.  I bought a new kind of charcoal and I hate it.  I couldn’t find any lump charcoal when I was looking, all I could find was natural briquettes.  I had never seen that before and since it still claimed to be natural, I gave it a shot.  It sucks.  I can’t wait until I’m done with this bag.  Anyway, here’s what they look like an hour in….




UPDATE 2:41 – I’ll just let the picture do the talking this time…..

UPDATE 3:34 PM – My whole neighborhood really should thank me for that smell 🙂

UPDATE – 5:10 PMThe butts are done!









I hope I haven’t eaten all the skin…..




2 responses

4 11 2008

Oh wow! So nice! We can not wait! This is the highlight of our very busy night!

7 11 2008

I love the idea of election day BBQing. I’ll put that on my calendar from now on, cause like you all I need is an excuse.


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