Casey’s General Store – Peotone, IL

22 10 2008
  • 900 W. Wilmington Road
  • Peotone, IL 60468
  • (708) 258-9150
  • Website
  • Menu
Caseys General Store in Peotone, IL

Casey's General Store in Peotone, IL

I’ve always thought it was weird to rave about gas station food, but Casey’s General Stores are better than a lot of quick service restaurants.  Like most things I loved about Central Illinois, there are no Casey’s in Mid-Michigan.  The closest would be in Mishawaka, IN.  There are Casey’s all over the place in Illinois.  It seems like every little town has one.  There was always a running joke at my last job.  I worked in TV news and on Friday night, we would shoot a lot of high school football.  When you got sent to a school you were unfamiliar with, the Sports Director would always say “Turn at the Casey’s” and chances are, you’d end up at the school.

We stopped in Peotone on our way back to Michigan.  Niether of us had eaten yet.  The plan was to have dinner in Grand Rapids before the concert so we didn’t want a big lunch.  I thought there used to be a Taco Bell in Peotone so that was the original plan, but when we got off and saw there wasn’t, but there was a Casey’s, our plans changed. 

To me, the best thing about Casey’s is the pizza.  It’s crazy that some of the best pizza I’ve ever eaten comes from a gas station, but it does.  There was a Casey’s just down the street from my old job and there were many nights we’d order pizzas from there.  They do sell pizza by the slice since it is a gas station and most people who stop in are just looking for lunch.  We both passed on that today and instead, grabbed a cup of popcorn chicken.  J’s favorite is the cheesy potato bites, but they didn’t have any of them.  They did have loaded potato wedges, but we thought that would be too hard to eat in the car.  The other options at this time were cheeseburgers or chicken fingers.

Like I said, we both grabbed the popcorn chicken because it would be easy to eat in the car.  J grabbed a couple packets of dipping sauce for hers, but I went au natural.  It was easy for me to put my cup in the cup holder next to the steering wheel.  Easy access while I was driving. 

Casey’s is a great alternative to fast food if you’re lucky enough to have one near you.  For the most part, they pop up in small towns where they’re the only gas station and only food option, but you will see them in the bigger cities every now and then.  I’ve got some fond memories from these little gas stations and it’s one of the things I miss most about Central Illinois




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