Rose’s on Reed’s Lake

22 10 2008
  • 550 Lakeside Dr. SE
  • East Grand Rapids, MI 49506
  • (616) 458-1122
  • Website
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Roses on Reeds Lake in East Grand Rapids

Rose's on Reed's Lake in East Grand Rapids

Rose’s on Reed’s Lake was an incredible find.  The restaurant had been suggested last time we were in Grand Rapids by two of J’s co-workers.  We passed wanting to check out downtown.  We should have took their advice.  The last trip was kind of a bust because we couldn’t find any walkable areas.  Rose’s on Reed’s Lake is close enough to what I’m guessing was downtown East Grand Rapids which is easily walkable and really cute.

We had a really hard time getting to Rose’s.  We were in Grand Rapids for a concert at Van Andel Arena.  The idea was to have a nice leisurely meal.  We left my parents in Illinois six hours before the concert.  It was a three and a half hour drive and we wanted to make a stop in Michigan City, IN at the outlet mall.  I thought we’d have plenty of time.  That was, until we hit construction.  I couldn’t hold it anymore and had to get off a heavily torn up portion of I-196 to find a restroom.  It took us 15 minutes to find our way back to the Interstate due to ramps being closed.  After that, we finally make it to Lakeside Drive only to find it closed due to construction.  Luckily, we had a GPS that brought us to the next road which was also closed due to construction.  Finally, we made it to a road that was open and weaved our way back to where we needed to be. 

I saw the sign for Rose’s out near the road and wondered if it was the right spot.  The parking lot is almost non-existent.  There are probably only a half dozen spots, but there is plenty of street parking.  We were facing the wrong way, so I went up to the next intersection to turn around and find a spot to park.  It was brisk autumn night so we kind of hustled the half a block to the restaurant.

You know you’re entering a nice restaurant when there’s a sign on the door asking you to turn off cell phones and remove hats.  I know none of you have ever seen me, but me without a hat is like you not wearing pants in public.  I feel naked and uncomfortable.   I did it even though I did see another guy with a ball cap. 

Roses on Reeds Lake near downtown East Grand Rapids

Rose's on Reed's Lake near downtown East Grand Rapids

After walking in the first door, you walk down a hallway to the hostess station and the main dining room.  One of the waitresses noticed us and showed us to a table in the main dining room.  There are three seating areas at Roses.  The first is the outdoor patio which overlooks Reed’s Lake.  There’s a beautiful view of the lake from all three areas, but the outdoor patio puts you closest.  It was too cold to be using that space, so most of the patrons were seated in the four seasons patio which looks like it opens up during the summer months to become an outdoor area.  We were seated in the indoor dining room, but they still put us at a table near the windows that look out over the lake.  There’s a bar that takes up one end of the room and a fireplace that separates the two sides.  The kitchen is open and visible from the dining room.

Our waitress brought us water then took drink orders.  We made it time for happy hour, but just went with our usual Coke and Diet Coke.  By the time she came back with the drinks, we had made our decision.  For quite a while now, we’ve been going to places that have brick oven pizzas and I never get one.  Even though I had eaten pizza four days in a row, I didn’t want to pass it up again.  I ordered the Build Your Own option with red sauce, mozzarella, and prosciutto.  I love prosciutto but don’t get to eat it that often due to the price.  Since it was the same price as the pepperoni, I figured what the hell.  The pizza was delicious.  It was about an eight inch pie served on a plate that would usually be used as a charger.  The wood fire made the crust really crispy and the prosciutto was slightly salty which made for a pizza like nothing I’d ever had.  I loved it.  J had a bite and thought the prosciutto gave it a weird taste, but I thought it was perfect.  

J went back and forth between a few different options, but ended up going with the Angel Hair Pasta.  The pasta was dressed in a basil butter both.  Chicken, pancetta, tomatoes and green beans were mixed in.  J said the chicken was the most tender chicken she had ever eaten and the pancetta added crunchy bits to counter the tenderness of the chicken.  The dish was pretty big and she ate about 3/4 of it, but wasn’t able to finish.  Knowing how much I like the Italian meats, she picked out a few pieces of pancetta for me.  It was delicious.

Our bill was about $30.  It’s not a cheap restaurant, but it is worth every penny.  When our server brought the check, there were two little cups of caramel corn on top.  Nice touch to a place that already impressed us.  Rose’s on Reed’s Lake is definitely worth consideration if you’re heading to Grand Rapids.  I was really worried about time since we showed up about an hour before the concert started.  We ate and made it down town with about ten minutes to spare.  Great recommendation and it’s one that I would give as well.




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22 07 2011
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[…] few minutes as we drove around the southeast side of Grand Rapids then asked if I had ever heard of Rose’s on Reed’s Lake.  Of course, I had.  It was one of the first recommendations J and I ever got for the Grand […]

14 04 2014
onceworked there

If you went to roses one hour before concert time, got service, ate great food, paid your bill and made it through concert traffic back to the arena with ten.. minutes to spare…Sir you are the second coming of our Lord Jesus…. or a great liar who got paid to make up this story.

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