Melting Moments

12 10 2008
  • 313 E. Grand River Ave.
  • East Lansing, MI 48823
  • (517) 332-0110
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Melting Moments in downtown East Lansing.

Melting Moments in downtown East Lansing.

Ice cream is always a guaranteed way to make everything better.  After a not so great meal at The Small Planet (review HERE), I needed something to make J feel better.  As we were leaving Small Planet, she asked how far Melting Moments was from where we were.  An intern at J’s work told her about Melting Moments months ago, but we never thought of it until a few weeks ago when we tried to go to the MSU Dairy Store on my lunch break.  The line at the Dairy Store was too long and I was starting to run out of time when J said something about Melting Moments.

Melting Moments is situated right on Grand River Avenue and it shares space with a Backyard BBQ store.  We found a parking space on MAC Avenue and walked a block to the store.  The inside is the typical ice cream shop set up.  We found a case with a variety of delicious flavors.  They also had fresh gelato and other handmade goodies. Read the rest of this entry »