Press Release – Sonic open in Flint

10 10 2008

From a press release….I guess it’s a little closer to Lansing.

SONIC® Drive-In Opens Location in Flint

(Oklahoma City) – Flint residents now have a reason to stay in – stay in their cars that is. SONIC®, America’s Drive-In® today announced the opening of Flint’s first SONIC Drive-In, a restaurant where you order your meal and eat right from the comfort of your own vehicle.

“We are very excited to open a SONIC in Flint,” said Bill Wentworth, Jr., franchisee of the SONIC Drive-In. “We are looking forward to serving the community and delivering the fun Carhop service SONIC Drive-Ins are known for across the country.”

The Wentworth Group is the principal owner of the new SONIC located at 3140 Miller Road in Flint. The restaurant features 27 drive-in stalls, two walk-up ordering stations and a drive-thru.

The drive-in will open at 7 a.m. on Oct. 13 to serve customers a delicious breakfast. With the full menu available all day, customers can enjoy a Breakfast Burrito to start their morning or as a late night snack.

SONIC, which specializes in made-to-order fast food, is known for its specialty menu items and personal Carhop service. Unique drink combinations make SONIC Your Ultimate Drink Stop!® SONIC’s slow-melting ice, helps drinks stay cool and keeps them cooled longer while maintaining flavor. SONIC’s full menu is available all day, giving guests the option of eating breakfast for dinner or ordering a SONIC Blast in the morning. Favorites include TOASTER® Sandwiches (sandwiches served on thick Texas Toast), Extra-Long Cheese Coneys (hot dogs with chili and cheese), fresh hamburgers, handfresh-made Onion Rings, Tater Tots and a variety of Ffrozen Favorites® treats and Fountain Favorites® drinks. SONIC’s ever-growing menu is full of options to satisfy every taste, such as Fresh Fruit Smoothies.

SONIC, America’s Drive-In (NASDAQ/NM: SONC) started as a hamburger and root beer stand in 1953 in Shawnee, Okla., called Top Hat Drive-In, and then changed its name to SONIC in 1959. The first drive-in to adopt the SONIC name is still serving customers in Stillwater, Okla. As the nation’s largest chain of drive-in restaurants, SONIC has more than 3,400 drive-ins coast to coast. More than a million customers eat at SONIC every day; and with more drink combinations than any other quick-service restaurant – more than 168,000 to be exact – SONIC is Your Ultimate Drink Stop®. For more information about Sonic Corp. and its subsidiaries, visit SONIC at





10 responses

10 10 2008

Want to go to Flint on Monday?

10 10 2008
Mid-Michigan Dining

Not really

10 10 2008

ok… but we do need to go some time. I need a jr. banana split… and a cherry limeaid…

10 10 2008

LOL…I like Sonic…A little…But not enough to drive to Flint…I think I’ll wait until it gets even closer to Lansing…Like right IN Lansing…LOL…

10 10 2008
Mid-Michigan Dining

I’m not really a big fan. I don’t get it.

10 10 2008

Yeah- I’m going through withdrawals though- when I lived in Idaho Falls, ID we had 2- both with 2 miles of my apartment! Peoria got one right before I moved… and now the closest one is Flint… I know- its sad- but I miss my Sonic.

13 10 2008

I’m from the thumb area, and Flint is on my way home…I’m sure I’ll be stopping there on my way home for a wedding this weekend!

I’ve only had Sonic twice, so I think the appeal is that it’s not available here…once I go a few times I might feel differently about the place.

20 10 2008

Update: Sonic was amazing! It was crazy busy, but they had a good system of getting cars in and out. I think we waited 20 minutes for a stall, and then the food couldn’t have taken more than 10 minutes to arrive. The burgers were perfect, and the tots and onion rings were good too. I wasn’t a fan of the fries (we had to try all 3 for future reference!). The fresh cherry in my Diet Dr. Pepper was nice, and we also had a Banana Pudding Shake that was yummy. All in all, it was worth the wait, and I’m sure I’ll go back again in November on the way home for Thanksgiving. I’ll be curious to see if the quality of food lasts.

11 12 2008

I hope one also comes to Lansing. I worked at Sonics for a year when I lived in Kentucky. I would love to work there again.

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