Michigan Corn Crop Doing Well…..

13 08 2008

..other crops, not so much.

But several freezes during the spring killed off many blossoming tart cherries, apples and grapes.

Production of those fruits this year is expected to be way down.

Corn, however, has had a perfect year and with massive flooding in the corn belt wiping out most of the crop in Iowa and parts of Illinois and Indiana, it should be a good year for anyone who still has something to bring to the elevators. 

…..farmers in the state can expect a record-setting yield of 148 bushels per acre in 2008.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture also says corn production in the state should surpass 307 million bushels this year, shattering a 26-year-old record.

Oh yeah, a sugar beet growers are also likely to see record yields.





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