Michigan Corn Crop Doing Well…..

13 08 2008

..other crops, not so much.

But several freezes during the spring killed off many blossoming tart cherries, apples and grapes.

Production of those fruits this year is expected to be way down.

Corn, however, has had a perfect year and with massive flooding in the corn belt wiping out most of the crop in Iowa and parts of Illinois and Indiana, it should be a good year for anyone who still has something to bring to the elevators. 

…..farmers in the state can expect a record-setting yield of 148 bushels per acre in 2008.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture also says corn production in the state should surpass 307 million bushels this year, shattering a 26-year-old record.

Oh yeah, a sugar beet growers are also likely to see record yields.



Mid-Michigan Farmers Stuggling After The Storms Too

12 06 2008

Last night, I posted a story from Bloomberg about the recent storms’ effect on this years crops.  Tonight, WLAJ, talked to a farmer in Ingham County about the issue and it’s one that isn’t only affecting Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana.

“We’ll readjust- we usually can handle these sitautions this came so fast,” said Haynes.

Haynes lost five percent of his corn yield which averages out to about a &50,000 loss- a cost which will ultimately be passed on to consumers. Read the rest of this entry »

Storms Hurt Corn Crop

11 06 2008

Surprise!  Another hit to the corn supply means higher prices at the grocery store for us.  Last week’s storms have flooded fields in Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana where a big chunk of the nation’s corn is grown.

“The crop is in serious trouble,” said Jim Stephens, president of Farmers National Commodities Inc. in Omaha, Nebraska, who helps manage more than 3,600 farms across the Midwest. He said corn will top $8 a bushel this year.

The weather is endangering a U.S. crop already expected by the USDA to decline from last year’s record harvest after farmers planted 8.1 percent fewer acres. Global inventories may fall to the lowest levels in 24 years by Aug. 31, the USDA said. Read the rest of this entry »

More Depressing Corn News

30 05 2008

The bad news just never stops for corn growers.

A cold, wet spring put crop planting weeks behind schedule across much of the U.S. Corn Belt and drastically slowed growth where corn is already in the ground.

Now, farmers in parts of Iowa, Illinois and Indiana are replanting corn that either sat under water in flooded fields too long to germinate or can’t break through sodden, compacted soils. And the cool, soggy weather continues, the last thing a heat-loving crop like corn needs.

“It’s starting to look like a very difficult year,” University of Illinois agronomy professor Emerson Nafziger said.

So how does that effect you?  Higher prices yet again.  There’s going to be less corn this fall which means more money for farmers, but it also means higher prices for us.  There’s just no relief in sight!


Food Prices Still Rising

5 05 2008

ugh….this article was in the Lansing State Journal today.

Americans might be getting another helping of food inflation, and it seems likely to come from higher prices for chicken and pork.

Overall food inflation could double this year, lifted by the rising costs of fuel, corn and soybeans, some analysts predict.

Food inflation hit 4 percent last year, up from 2.4 percent in 2006. While beef prices were already high, chicken and pork prices didn’t reflect record costs for feed and fuel. That’s poised to change as chicken and pig producers who have been losing money slaughter more animals to decrease the supply and raise the prices they can charge.

UGH!  Again, this is pretty much do to the Ethanol myth.  Guess what?!  ETHANOL IS NOT A VIABLE ENERGY SOURCE!  All these E-85 vehicles have been a huge waste of money.  A 2006 University of Minnesota Study concluded that even if we used every available piece of farm land to produce ethanol for fuel it would only meet 12% of energy demand.  12%!!!  Does that sound like a good investment to you? 

My dad owns farmland in Illinois.  He made a lot more money last year off his crops than in year’s past so it’s hard for me to be critical of a cash cow for my family, but this is ridiculous.  Everyday we’re seeing higher food prices because politicians and the media are telling America that ethanol is the solution to ween us of Middle Eastern oil.  I don’t have a good solution to higher gas prices, but I know ethanol is NOT what we need.  Gas prices are high enough, we don’t need food prices getting higher because of an idea that is nothing more than a fad.