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15 08 2008
  • 3491 Page Ave.
  • Jackson, MI 49203
  • (517) 764-5648
  • Website
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The BBQ Shack in Jackson just off of US 127

The BBQ Shack in Jackson just off of US 127

FYI, the BBQ Shack has moved since this review.  Click on the website link to get the new location.

What a find!  I actually read a review from another blogger about a week ago.  I’m doing some freelance work again this weekend at Michigan International Speedway and figured one of the days, I should have some time to stop on the way home and check it out.  J and I headed down to the Irish Hills for media availabilities on Friday morning.  We sat in on Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Burton’s press conferences and the Stewart-Haas Racing announcement of Ryan Newman joining the team next year.  After that, we did a quick lap through the pits as guys were getting ready to practice.  All that worked up an appetite so we decided today was the day for BBQ.

The BBQ Shack is located right off of US 127 right across the street from McDonald’s. I felt sorry for all those poor saps that were getting Big Mac’s instead of BBQ.  Amy warned me that if we weren’t looking, we might miss the place, so I had my eyes open.  She was right.  There’s not sign out front that really identifies the place.  The building is, well, a little shack.  There’s a patio in front and off to the side that make up the only dining room the BBQ Shack has.  When you walk inside, you come right to the counter.  There were three people inside working and all three greeted us as we looked over the menu. 

It was pretty obvious to us what we wanted, but we listened to the spiel about how they make their own rub and barbecue sauce then we were given a free slice of brisket.  I’m not usually a big fan of brisket, but this brisket was delicious.  The rub is one of the better restaurant dry rubs I’ve had.  It really made this piece of meat really good.  They have a few ways to order.  You can get just a sandwich, a sandwich, a side and a drink, or a sandwich and two sides.  If you don’t want a sandwich, they have a couple lunch specials which are smaller portions of their dinners.

Pulled Pork and Mac N Cheese from The BBQ Shack in Jackson

Pulled Pork and Mac 'N Cheese from The BBQ Shack in Jackson

We both ordered the same thing.  A hickory smoked pulled pork sandwich, a side of mac ‘n cheese, and a pop.  To me, this is classic BBQ.  I love pulled pork and this was no different.  The sandwich was served on a sesame seed bun and served with a cup of their BBQ sauce on the side.  The pork by itself was delicious.  There was a great smokey crust that was just a little salty.  The sauce was a thicker ketchup based sauce.  It was ok, but on pulled pork, I really prefer a vinegar sauce that’s pretty much the consistency of a mop sauce.  J’s not quite as big of a BBQ fan as I am, but she really liked her sandwich as well.

The mac ‘n cheese was nice and creamy and actually had a cheese taste.  Too many restaurants mac ‘n cheeses don’t have a lot of flavor.  This one did.  Overall, the meal was great.  J was filled up and I left just a little hungry.  The total cost for both meals was just over $12.

The people that run the BBQ Shack obviously have fun while they’re there.  My girlfriend’s shirt gave away that we were either coming from or going to MIS.  When they asked and we said coming from, the guy behind the counter asked who our driver was.  We both said Tony Stewart and he instructed the girl making the sandwich to take a little meat off our sandwiches….all in fun, of course.  Since it was such a nice day, we took our sandwiches and sat out on the patio and enjoyed our meal.

Great suggestion from Runs With Spatula on this one.  I’ve been complaining about there being no good BBQ in this area since we moved here.  This was good, authentic BBQ.  We never would have found this place on our own, but now we have a place to stop on the way home from MIS!




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19 08 2008

I’m looking forward to trying this place out, been out that way several times, but the place is so small, I’ve been reluctant to even try it. Now at least there are a couple reviews to support how good it really is.

19 08 2008
Mid-Michigan Dining

I’m the exact opposite. I always assume the smaller the place is, the better it is. I’ve been burned a few times, but more often than not, I’ve found some of the best places around.

15 08 2009
Bernie B

I’m down in Jackson almost every Friday delivering parts and didn’t realize this place is less than a block away from our store there. Needless to say I stopped there for Lunch and the food was great. Had the pulled pork sandwich w/ 2 sides [Mac n’ Cheese and Baked Beans].

The Pulled Pork was served plain on the bun, BBQ sauce on the table. The pork was perfectly juicy and not fatty at all, the BBQ sauce was the way I like it; smokey, a little spicy, and sweet without being sugary. The Baked Beans were great, tasting as though they were homemade and not doctored from a can. Mac n’ Cheese was pretty unspectacular and I wouldn’t order it again. Not to say it’s bad, but that there were other side options that would be more appealing.

Great find, and now I know where to stop for lunch on Friday.

24 05 2010

Just wanted to let you know that the BBQ Shack has moved. Its new address is:
918 North Wisner Street
Jackson, MI 49202-4409

They also have a website:

PS> I love this place!!!

25 05 2010
SW Michigan Dining

Thanks for the update!

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