Merindorf Meats & More – Mason

29 07 2008
  • 2289 W. Barnes Rd.
  • Mason, MI 48854
  • (517) 676-6039
  • Website
Merindorf Meats & More in Rural Mason

Merindorf Meats & More in Rural Mason

This is the store I keep hearing about.  We went looking for this shop one weekend, but somehow ended up at the store in Williamston (review HERE).  I needed some ground chicken for dinner tonight and since I have a hard time finding it at the mega marts anymore, I decided to hop in the truck and head to Mason. 

It’s a good thing we didn’t just “try to find it” last time.  Merindorf’s is located on Barnes Road which is outside of Mason about half a mile from US-127.  This building is much older looking than the Williamston shop.  The inside is a big difference too.  There’s not as much grocery, which is fine because when I go to Merindorf’s, I’m looking for meat.  Fresh meat wasn’t on my radar today.  I was in the market for some frozen stuff and Merindorf’s has it all. 

I grabbed two tubes of ground chicken.  One for tonight.  One for later.  I have a recipe for some really good chicken meatballs that I haven’t made in a while.  Tonight’s recipe is basil wrapped ground chicken on the grill.  The two pounds of chicken were just over five bucks.  I’ve also been out of hamburger patties for quite a while.  I like having patties on hand for a quick lunch option.  Since they don’t have to be thawed, they make for a quick lunch. 

I made a quick trip in front of the meat counter, but the frozen meat in my hands were so cold, I didn’t stop too long.  The two packages of ground chicken and the 10 pack of 1/3lb hambuger patties set me back about $15.  Pretty comparable to the mega marts.  I had the intentions of buying buffalo patties instead of hamburgers, but those ran about $14 for a 10 pack.

Just like I said last time, I’m glad I found Merindorf’s.  No matter where I live, I always try to find a local butcher shop and Merindorf’s fill that need plus some.




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29 07 2008

We get our ground chicken there too. I’ve found both their ground chicken and ground beef to be very high quality, when they cook down you don’t even have to drain the grease after cooking because there isn’t any there! If you like the hamburger patties you should try their bacon-burger patties, not much more, but they have a great taste. So good we usually eat them with nothing else, just hamburger and bun.

29 07 2008

Merindorf’s is awesome. I bought the meat for the chili cook off there. If you pre-order, they will do a nice chili grind for you. I used that for the hamburger and the pork. They have great filet when I am feeling rich and really good ribeyes too. Yum…now I am hungry for steak.

29 07 2008
Mid-Michigan Dining

I agree with both of you….THANK YOU for pointing this out to me. I just cooked up some of the ground chicken and I’ve got burgers on the grill right now. It smells delicious!

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