Astoria Pastry Shop

27 07 2008
  • 541 Monroe St.
  • Detroit, MI 48226
  • (313) 963-9603
  • Website
  • Menu
The Astoria Pastry Shop in Detroits Greektown Neighborhood

The Astoria Pastry Shop in Detroit's Greektown Neighborhood

The Astoria Pastry Shop was another recommendation from fellow blogger Genie28.  Being new to the area, we had no idea that Greektown was pretty much within walking distance from Comerica Park which was our final destination of the night.  We drove down Monroe Street looking for the shop.  After driving around the cramped streets for a few minutes, we realized how close we were to CoPa and ended up pulling into a lot and just parking for the night.  We headed back to Monroe Street to find the Astoria Pastry Company and couldn’t believe what we found.

The Astoria Pastry Company is located across the street from the Greektown Casion along a strip of road that is home to a lot of restaurants.  There was a steady line of people going in an out so we figured it must be one of those “must hit” places.  When you walk through the door, you’re immediately assaulted by a huge case of homemade pastry’s, cookies, and ice cream.  It was very overwhelming.  We didn’t know where to start. 

A homemade chocolate chunk cookie caught my eye and that’s what I got.  The cookie was huge.  Probably the size of a small plate.  It was soft, but had some bite to it and it was filled with gooey chocolate chunks.  It took all of thirty seconds for me to polish it off.

My girlfriend ordered a black and white cookie.  I’m not a Seinfeld fan, but she was trying to tell me a story about a Seinfeld episode where George Jerry got a similar cookie and they made some stupid jokes about.  After a pretty big meal, the cookie was a little too much, so she wrapped it up and we had cookies for the ballpark.  She also got a strawberry smoothie to go with dessert.  I took a few drinks and not being a fruit smoothie guy, I found it pretty good.  She said there must have been some fresh fruit in there.

For the two cookies and smoothie, we paid about $8.  Not bad for such a fancy shop.  There were a few tables along the back wall, so we sat down and enjoyed our snacks and did a little people watching.  I’m glad we made it to Greektown before the game and I’m really glad we got a recommendation for this place.




3 responses

28 07 2008

I’m so glad you went to Astoria and liked it! I get almost as excited about the little take-out box wrapped in red string as the actual goodies inside. So cute.

Sorry to hear that Red Coat wasn’t that fab.

28 07 2008
Mid-Michigan Dining

Thanks for the recommendation! We probably never would have thought to stop if you hadn’t mentioned it.

I’m disappointed Red Coat wasn’t better. I keep reading so many reviews about how it’s one of the best places in Metro Detroit. I just didn’t see it.

29 07 2008
Kukdi Singh

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