Jet’s Pizza – S. Cedar

22 07 2008
  • 6445 S. Cedar St.
  • Lansing, MI 48911
  • (517) 882-6900
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Jets Pizza on S. Cedar St. in Lansing

Jet's Pizza on S. Cedar St. in Lansing

You may remember over the weekend I blogged a little bit about going to a Sugarland concert four and a half hours away in Peru, IL.  My girlfriend really likes Sugarland.  Today, the new CD Love on the Inside “dropped,” so we made a quick trip to Target to pick it up.  Yes, we actually BOUGHT a CD instead of stealing it.  That happens when a group actually puts out a full CD of good music and that’s something Sugarland does…unlike Metallica.  Well, we slept in and didn’t leave until lunch time.  After a little shopping, my girlfriend suggested lunch.  There’s a strip mall on Cedar Street in South Lansing that has couple sandwich shops so I headed that way.  The choice was between Jersey Giant Subs and Jet’s Pizza.  Jet’s won out because I was sort of in a pizza mood.

A small cheese pizza from Jets Pizza in Lansing

A small cheese pizza from Jet's Pizza in Lansing

The store is strictly carry-out.  When you walk in, there’s a counter to order, a menu board on the wall to the right and a very uncomfortable bench to wait if you walk-in to order like we did.  My girlfriend went for pizza.  She ordered a small BBQ chicken pizza, but the guy behind the counter said they were out of chicken.  They had a pretty busy weekend and ran out yesterday and the truck wouldn’t be in for another hour.  She revised her order to just a small cheese pizza.  They have a signature square pizza and a round which is more traditional.  She’s not a deep dish fan, which the square is, so she went with the round.  When we got it home, she ended up with a pretty good size personal pizza probably big enough for both of us for lunch.  It’s pretty standard chain pizza fare.  There was a lot of cheese and she kept pulling it off the slices.  She only had two of the six pieces, but she hasn’t been feeling that well.  Good news is, we have lunch for tomorrow.  She said it was alright, but nothing special.  She wasn’t that impressed, but she also didn’t have that much of an appetite.  The cheese falling off and not being able to get the BBQ chicken didn’t help.  I think a little more flavor would have changed her mind a little.

A pizza sub from Jets Pizza in Lansing

A pizza sub from Jet's Pizza in Lansing

I passed on pizza (sorta) and went with a sub.  I really love the pizza grinders at Mancinos (review HERE), so I went with the pizza sub.  The 8″ sub comes with pizza sauce, mozzerella cheese, pepperoni, ham, and mushrooms.  I opted to leave the mushrooms off and just went with the meat.  There were things I liked and things I didn’t like about this sandwich.  Unlike a grinder, this is just a toasted sub.  The bread is heated up at the same time the rest of the sandwich is so it doesn’t really crisp up, it just gets warm.  The pepperoni and ham charred a little bit which added a nice crunch and some good flavor.  The sub was a little low on sauce, so what I really got was a lot of meat flavor.  Definately not a bad thing, but a little more sauce would have balanced it a little better.  Overall, not a bad sandwich as it filled me up, but I still like the grinders better.

Jet’s is a chain, so my expectations weren’t that high.  For some reason, all chain restaurants seem to do the same pizza.  It’s the same thickness and same canned ingredients.  Jet’s was good, but it still isn’t that “gotta have it” pizza.  Would we go back?  I’m not sure.  There’s still too many other places we haven’t tried.  Jet’s wasn’t bad…I’m not saying that, but it doesn’t stand out from an oversaturated market either.




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22 07 2008

I have to say, I actually enjoyed Jet’s Pizza. My boyfriend and I ordered from the Haslett/Okemos store a couple of times while we lived over that way. We got the square deep dish pizza as that was what was recommended and we got breadsticks. I thought both were great, especially the breadsticks. I guess it depends on your tastes, but I don’t think the place should be completely written off.

Anyway, I actually came to your site today to request that you put the Hall of Fame Cafe in East Lansing on Lake Lansing Rd. on your list of places to review. We went there for a co-workers birthday during lunch and really enjoyed. We all ordered sandwiches, soups or salads off the lunch menu (which was portioned and priced very well for lunch), but other things that passed by, like the burgers, onion rings, pizza and pastas looked really good too. Here’s the Web site:

22 07 2008
Mid-Michigan Dining

Hall of Fame has been on the list for a while. We don’t go out that way very often and it’s a little far for a dinner break, but it is one place I would like to get to.

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29 11 2014


Jet’s Pizza – S. Cedar | Mid-Michigan Dining

29 11 2014
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Jet’s Pizza – S. Cedar | Mid-Michigan Dining

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