Country Market Restaurant and Buffet- LaSalle, IL

20 07 2008
  • 343 N. 30th Rd
  • LaSalle, IL 61301
  • (815) 220-0622
  • Website
  • Menu
Country Market Restaurant and Buffet located inside the Flying J Truckstop in La Salle, IL

Country Market Restaurant and Buffet located inside the Flying J Truckstop in La Salle, IL

Country Market is located at the Flying J Truckstop just off of I-80 near LaSalle.  I was in the area for a concert at the Cedar Point Sportsmen Club where Sugarland was playing a charity concert.  I was with my girlfriend and my parents.  My mom has some friends over in that area and they suggested we all meet at the truck stop before the show.

The Country Market is a staple at Flying J’s around the country.  I’ve passed many times, but never stopped.  We were shown to a table near the back of the restaurant past the buffet by a hostess.  While we were rearranging the tables, a waitress came to get drink orders.  Waitressing 101 tells you that you shouldn’t have to ask people what they ordered when you bring it back, but even with drinks, our waitress couldn’t remember who ordered what and I had to ask.  There were six of us so it took a while.  By the time she got done, we weren’t quite ready to order so she left and came back when we were.

My girlfriend and I had just eaten lunch at Portillo’s (review HERE) a couple hours earlier, so we weren’t really hungry.  I went with a chicken tender appetizer.  The four definately out of a bag chicken tenders came with a side of BBQ dipping sauce.  Like I said, I wasn’t super hungry, so I didn’t want a whole lot.  This was just about the right amount for how I was feeling.  The chicken and the BBQ were canned, so nothing special, but not bad either.

My girlfriend skipped straight to dessert.  There was a mudslide that was on special, so that’s what she ordered.  This actually came presented more like a fine restaurant than a truck stop.  A huge white plate was drizzled with chocolate sauce.  Two pieces of chocolate cake and ice cream were set on top of the choclate.  It made her happy and when she’s happy, I’m happy so everyone was happy. 🙂

Two of the remaining people in our party went with burgers and two went with breakfast.  The food was what you expect from a truck stop.  It wasn’t homemade or outstanding food, but it was good quality and the portions were a good size.  Our waitress was the big problem with the meal.  LIke the drinks, she brought out five dishes and had to ask where each one of them went.  We then asked for ketchup and mustard for the burger and it took a long time for her to come back.  The two eating breakfast almost finished their meals while the two eating burgers waited for condiments.  She really played up the fact she worked at a truck stop.  She had a fake southern accent and called everyone “honey” when she was all of 20 herself.

The bill for my family was a little over $30, but like I mentioned, my girlfriend and I didn’t really eat.  We wanted a quick dinner so we could get over to the concert venue and stake out our seats and Country Market allowed us to do that.  I’m not saying don’t eat at a Flying J restaurant because if you’re on the road and don’t want to venture far from the Interstate, it’s a good option, but I wouldn’t make it a point to find one.  If you’re heading to Iowa City for an MSU game and really want a truck stop, I’d recommend the Iowa 80 Truckstop (review HERE) near Walcott, IA.




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17 07 2009

I work for Flying J In Ga; our store will most likely be closed. the reason for this is some people like our food but the service is not the best. DO NOT blame the girls who waited on you; blame the company for not training their staff. I had three hours training when i started working here nine years ago. These girls make 2.13 hr and tips.

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