Sonic in Lansing?

15 07 2008
Could a Sonic come to Lansing?

Could a Sonic come to Lansing?

I’ve seen ads in the Lansing State-Journal for Sonic managers and there’s even been a little bit of talk on this blog about what, where, and when.  I contacted Sonic’s PR department to see if I could get any more information.  This afternoon, I recieved a reply from Christie Martin who is the Real Estate Coordinator for Sonic Restaurants Inc.

She did confirm that Sonic is interested in the Lansing market and they are actively looking here for expansion.  However, no specific location has been identified yet.  The hope is to have a store open in the next 12 months.

I remember the first time I ever saw a Sonic.  It was in Vandalia, IL (home to the oldest surviving State Capitol in Illinois).  We were coming home from a family vacation in St. Louis.  It had ben a long week and every body was exhausted and just ready to get home.  We still had about a three hour drive, so we didn’t want to try something we weren’t familiar with.  It was years before I finally ate at one.  

Just a few weeks after I started dating my girlfriend, we had a wedding to go to.  We were both invited before we started dating, but ended up going together and shocking everyone there who knew us.  The night before, we went to my place after work and needed dinner.  I wasn’t in the mood to cook and we kept seeing commercials for Sonic on TV.  My girlfriend really likes the Limeades and a new Sonic had just opened in East Peoria.  The whole car hop thing is still wierd to me.  I’d rather just go in.  I hate drive-thrus and this just a version of a drive-thru.  The food was alright.  It was fast food and it tasted like it.  The drinks were really good though.  I went with the Limeade and that made up for the fast food burgers.  I’m not overly disappointed there are no Sonic’s here right now, but it would be a welcome addition for a lot of people.




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16 07 2008

At least that reply was a bit more hopeful than this one from Sonic Corporate:

I’m in the same boat though, the food is ok, but the drinks there are what makes it unique.

16 07 2008
Mid-Michigan Dining

It took about two weeks to get a reply but they did at least get back to.

21 07 2008

I have an Interesting story that follows along with this story. A good friend and I were driving to the Big Ten basketball Tourny in Indy not more than 3 years ago. We stopped at a Sonic on the way back after “One of Those” nights. The breakfest borrito and a Limeade with burgers to save for the ride back. I’ll tell you that it hit more than all the right spots. We than thought, “Why in the hell isn’t there a Sonic in East Lansing?”. I made a few phone calls down to the Corporate Office explaing the delemina, and when they finally responded they had said t”hat in EL there were too many fast food resturants and they didn’t feel it to be cost effective.” I promtly responded, “We have one of the highest grossing T-bells because we have 50,000 people walking through EL every day, and on any given night over 100,000 people in town for a football game”. Within 3 weeks they put a Sonic in Southgate.
I agree that the food isn’t the greatest, but I also feel that with the foot traffic and appitite of city, 2 or even 3 Sonics throughout greater Lansing would be suffiicant.

31 01 2009

I love Sonic! I lived in the Southwest (AZ & NM) for 30 years and came back to Michigan, where I was born, in 2001. I’ve been craving and Ocean Water (drink) ever since! Cherry Limeade’s are wonderful too! The burgers aren’t so bad and the tater tots are pretty good. It’s a little different. Beats the heck out of A&W, White Castle, and Steak & Shake for sure! It’s not a sit down place, you eat in your car or pick up at the drive-thru and take it home or to the office. I can’t wait till they open in Lansing. I will be there often.

11 04 2009
Cody Pitchford

AHHHHH I LOVE SONIC. I tryed to obtain a license to open a location in the Lansing area, and was told that this area was not available. I Could live on Strawberry Limeade’s and Cheddar Peppers!!!! I am sick of driving to the hood in Flint just to get some tasty lunch. Lansing needs a Sonic, whoever owns the licensing to the area should either sell it, or do something with it!

11 04 2009
Mid-Michigan Dining

I’m pretty sure whoever has the Flint license also has the Lansing license. There’s been a number of manager training job posts that are for both Flint and Lansing.

I tried contacting PR again and they ignored me this time.

18 03 2011

SONIC is the best fast food joint around but they really need to put one in lansing somewhere i’ll even deal with 10 dollar a gallon gas to get me some SONIC

26 10 2013
Michelle young

Right off 96 on Pennsylvania Ave. where the old governors inn used to be. Perfect location! No comparable restaurant in the area and it’s directly off the highway. There’s also a hotel that would sit behind it. PLZ check it out

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