Quality Dairy – Holt

1 07 2008
  • 2233 Cedar St.Quality Dairy
  • Holt, MI 48842
  • (517) 694-8653
  • Website

I got to admit.  I was shocked when I saw regular commentor Adam say Quality Dairy was on of the things he couldn’t live without.  Since moving here, I’ve drove by QD many times thinking they were just another 7-11.  When I asked why he couldn’t live with Quality Dairy, he replied the premium ice cream and baked goods baked fresh daily were the things he would miss the most. 

I had an ice cream craving and my excursion to L & L Food Center (review HERE) to get Moomer’s Ice Cream was a bust, so I went a little farther down Cedar to Quality Dairy.  My suspicion was correct.  Quality Dairy is a convience store very similar to 7-11.  They have booze.  They have pantry items.  Like 7-11, but different. 

Quality Dairy got it’s start in Lansing in 1936 as a place where people could buy milk.  At that point in time, milk was delivered in glass bottles.  Quality Dairy changed that delivery system by offering milk at small milk stores on a cash and carry basis.  Four years later, they expanded to ice cream which was the purpose of my visit.

Had I been observant, I would have noticed they offered dipped ice cream.  The ice cream area is at the back of the store.  It’s set up so the cashiers and ice cream form a big ring and the dipped ice cream is on the backside of that right.  That’s also where the fountain pop and donut cases are.  I didn’t see the dipped ice cream, but I did find the freezer with the and half gallons. They’ve got pretty much all the flavors that a national brand would have, but they don’t use any brand names in their titles.  There was one offering that had Butterfinger-like candy in the ice cream, but they don’t call it Butterfinger.  I ended up grabbing the Cookies ‘N Cream and headed to pay.

The ice cream is a little expensive, but it is “premium ice cream” made from real milk.  The half gallon cost $4.68, but I would have paid more than that and gotten much less had I stopped at Dairy Dan for a Flurry, so there’s not too much to complain about.  When I got it home, I couldn’t wait to dig in.  It was definately good ice cream.  It’s not something I couldn’t live without and it’s not as good as the MSU Dairy Store, (review HERE) but it’s a lot closer to home.  I don’t think this will be my last trip to Quality Dairy




6 responses

1 07 2008

You went to Quality Dairy with out me?! You know I’ve wanted to go there… 🙂

1 07 2008
Mid-Michigan Dining

Damn…I was hoping you wouldn’t see this until tomorrow.

There’s ice cream in the freezer when you get home. 😉

2 07 2008

Reminds me I think today is discount cookie day at QD, I better make a stop on the way home… 🙂

12 11 2011
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22 06 2012
Not U fortunately

Are you all a bunch of idiots? Where did you get your education — QD fliers? Please learn the English language before you next engage your mouthes or type a word of what you think is ‘knowledge’. Please, please, please!
Now look what you’ve done — my head hurts and it will take a week to forget this crap.

11 02 2013
Francis john sierawski

how old do you gotta be to work here because i want a job and i am hard worker, i like making money, and i was wondering if you guys are hiring.?

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