Theio’s Restaurant

16 06 2008
  • 2650 E. Michigan Ave.Theio's
  • Lansing, MI 48912
  • (517) 487-3955
  • No Known Website
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I love 24-hour restaurants.  My dad and a buddy of mine came to town for the NASCAR races at Michigan International Speedway.  My buddy had to work until 5:00 (CST) back home in Illinois, so they got a pretty late start to the three and half hour drive.  After getting a little lost getting to my place, they were both pretty hungry.  It was after 10:00 (EST now) and neither had eaten dinner.  I figured the choices were either fast food or a diner.  So, of course, I chose the diner.

I had drove by Theio’s a few times, but never stopped.  I knew at some point it would make a great late night stop.  We drove through downtown East Lansing first to see if there was a pizza-by-the slice place, but when we couldn’t find one, we headed back down Michigan.  It looked like there were a lot of cars in the parking lot, but most of them must have been at the bar next door. 

We walked in to the building and were greated by a hostess who showed us to a booth in the non-smoking section.  There were quite a few people hanging out drinking water.  Theio’s must offer free wi-fi because there were a lot of college age kids with laptops and not a whole lot of food on their tables.

Theio'sThe waitress came over with our Pepsi’s and took our order.  After spending most of the evening at the BWL Chili Cook-Off, I really didn’t want any more hamburger.  On the breakfast menu (which they serve 24 hours) was a sandwich called the Spartan Sandwich.  The toasted homemade white bread came piled with scrambled eggs, ham, swiss, American, and cheddar cheese.  This was a great combination for a breakfast sandwich.  It was really gooey and just a little bit greasy.  I wasn’t expecting a very big sandwich, but even at 10, the size was very satisfying.  The eggs were a little bit more like McDonald’s eggs than a scrambled egg you wouldn’t put on a sandwich, but I’m glad it was.  I thought the scrambled eggs were going to make it messy.  My sandwich came with hashbrowns which I don’t really like, but my dad was willing to trade me his fries for my hashbrowns so we switched plates.

Both my dad and my friend got the patty melt.  The broiled 1/2 lb beef patty was served on grilledrye bread with swiss cheese and onions.  The sandwich was a hit with both of them….especially since neither had eaten since lunch time.  Like I mentioned, their meals both came with fries and neither complained about leaving hungry.

The waitress was good about keeping drinks filled and the rest of the staff helped out when they noticed an empty glass.  Each of us ate for under $10 and we were back home within an hour.  Theio’s is great as a 24 hour diner.  It’s got a great location near the campus and they look like they stay busy with groups of students doing homework or playing World of Warcraft.  I like places like this better as a late night stop than as a lunch or dinner, but that’s not saying they don’t have good food.  We all enjoyed our meals and were happy with the service and the atmosphere.  Theio’s is definately a place I would recommend.




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16 06 2008

I was actually in there later that same evening. A buddy and I were just hanging out at my house (within eyeshot of Theio’s), and by 1:00, we realized the time and the amount of alcohol we’d had, so we wandered over to get something in our stomachs other than alcohol (a very rare occasion for me). I had the Mexican omelet, and I was pleased with the mix of vegetables and chili that they used (the chili did have beans, btw). However, the most memorable part of the evening/morning was the mouse that crawled out from under the booth behind us not once, or twice, but three times. We’ve decided that s/he is the official mascot.

As a whole, Theio’s matches their purpose perfectly. I’ve only been in there a handful of times in my year here, though, because at it’s peak, you can’t tell what’s the smoking section and what’s the non-smoking section.

17 06 2008
Mid-Michigan Dining

haha…that’s funny. Growing up, all we had after 10:00 was Denny’s, so I love it when I find places like this. So many times we’d drink all night then go to Denny’s…or wait for Cracker Barrel to open…neither really ideal.

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