Gardening “growing” in Popularity

27 05 2008

It used to be I got depressed watching the news because all they covered were car accidents and murders (hey, I grew up in Chicago’s DMA).  Now, I get depressed watching the news because it reminds me how I rising prices are effecting everything I do. News stories are now starting to focus on people’s changing habits when it comes to saving money.

Adam Lenz has worked at Wenke Greenhouses for the past three years, and says one section of the business has recently seen a major boost.

“We’ve noticed a rise in the last year or so in our vegetable sales,” said Lenz. “A lot of people are trying to see to grow their own to keep the cost down a bit.”

I don’t eat nearly enough vegetables to justify growing a garden.  Oh yeah, plus I live in an apartment complex.  I don’t think management would like that too much.  While it doesn’t make sense for me, it does make sense for some people.

Beudrie says the reason she’s starting her own garden is because she can’t afford to spend $200 on groceries every week for her family.

“It’s getting really expensive and the whole grocery budget is going through the roof,” she said.

To start up her garden, it will cost Beudrie less than a weeks worth of groceries, and over time, it will end up saving her much more.

Gardening is another one of those things that has kind of become a lost art in recent years.  Growing up, my grandma always had (and still does) a garden.  A lot of my friends parents did too.  My family  never did, but we didn’t eat a lot of vegetables either.  In some ways, these rising prices are a good thing.  It’ll bring families back to the table.  Their own table.  Not Applebees table.  We got lazy in the last decade or so when it comes to food.  Maybe this isn’t such a bad thing after all……




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