Could the House Vote on the Smoking Ban Tonight?

27 05 2008

I’ve got House TV on in the background and at 7:45 PM, they’re still in session.   I’ve heard from friends in the media that phone calls to both caucuses and the Clerk have had some wierd answers.  The Democrats caucused for quite a while late this afternoon and as of this writing, the House “At Ease At The Call Of The Chair.”   I’ll keep the video feed up while I’m watching TV tonight to see if anything happens. 

8:07 PM – The House has been called back to order.

8:20 PM – I’ve been told by that same friend that the House has “a lot of business” to deal with and they are planning on staying late into the night.  Still wouldn’t answer whether HB 4163 would be called tonight or not.

8:29 PM – In another surprise move, the House in now voting on SB 776 which is the Partial Birth Abortion Ban, so it looks like they really are expecting a long night.

10:54 – They are STILL in session.  They just announced there will be no further voting tonight, but the House will be back in session tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 10 AM instead of their usual 1:30 PM start time.




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