Thursday Smoking Ban Thread

15 05 2008

The House is schedule to convene at noon.  I’m not sure how much of it I’m going to be able to watch.  I need to head to Champaign, IL today for some weekend work at the University of Illinois.  I’ll be adding reviews of the restaurnts in Champaign and on the way there if I stop for some reason.  I do a lot of work in Big Ten towns, so I’m thinking I’ll do some travel reviews for those of you who follow MSU.  While I’m gone, remember to check my Lansing area food reveiws.   I’ll just keep this thread going today to update on HB 4163 if it gets called. 

UPDATE – 11:08 PM – Sorry that I didn’t get a chance to update earlier. I’m now in the Land of Lincoln where I’ve been doing some catching up with friends and family before heading to Champaign.  I’m looking at the HB 4163 on the Legislature’s website and it looks like the bill was NOT called today.  Funny cause while I was watching the live feed, they mentioned a few Detroit TV stations were there…bet they were disappointed.  The House doesn’t meet again until next Tuesday so there will be no movement until at least then.