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12 05 2008

I’m not in the greatest financial situation right now, but this article on WLNS shows that I’m luckier than I realized.

More Michigan families are relying on food stamps to put dinner on the table. The state says the number of households receiving the benefit has risen more than 50% in the past five years. Authorities say one in eight residents now gets help from the nutrition assistance program. This past March, more than 590,000 Michigan households received food stamps.

Wow.  1 in 8 Michiganders are using food stamps.  Then, I see this story on WLAJ.

It’s a plot to cheat the system, when food stamp users spend their stamps on box upon box of sale soda pop, but then dump out the soda, return the cans, and use the return to buy alcohol or other controlled substances. Grocery managers and security guards in Kalamazoo say they see it all the time.

Are you kidding me?!  I know it’s not technically illegal, but the mom interviewed in the story brings up a good point.

“What do you mean its not illegal?” she said. “It’s still fraud use of food stamps isn’t it? Doesn’t it qualify? Wow.”

There has GOT to be a way to prosecute this!  Having worked in news for five years myself, I have pretty much become immune to the type of stories that are shown.  Most of the time, the reporter rehases a generic story that is done in every market and then they put promos on the air designed to scare the viewer into watching.  I was angry when I saw this story.  I’m not on food stamps, but come on!  I’m tired of my tax money going to alcoholics!  I’m all in favor of helping people who need it, but this is ridiculous.




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25 09 2008

Michigan is now attempting to be the first state to divide recipients of the bridge card allotments into installments. Which, will of couse cost the taxpayer smore money. – only another $900.000 just to set it up not to mention additional reoccuring costs.

Dividing the amount recipients of the EBT or Michigan Bridge Card into two installments is simply another example of a politician caving to the lobbyist. It’s comical to see someone dividing the assistance allotted to people using the Michigan Bridge card into two installments and pitch it as helping them. It’s obviously being lobbied by large grocers that want more consistency in inventory – not a benefit to those using the EBT cards to make purchases.

Its smoke and mirrors to think that it will not cost more to the taxpayer to implement as the transactions and record keeping requirements will double. Using proponents’ logic – why not divide it into weekly installments and it would stand to reason the benefits would double if the two installment theory had any real merit.

This is of course is not going to help those that do buy bulk packages of meats that in cost per pound savings allow them to purchase more quantity at less cost if done at one time, than paying retail prices on individual items. Another example against it’s implementation is how it will effect non-government funded services already catering to the needs of many that receive the Bridge card, like , which delivers bulk meat packages or bundles to families and charges nothing for delivery. Instead of buying chicken tenders, lean beef, hamburger, fish, ect all at one time and then buying sale items of frozen or canned veggies from sav-a-lot, or another discount store – the customer would have to break up their orders to have enough to buy enough meats, dairy, and veggies to last their family until the next allotment. Pay more for less, and incur more cost of transportation. Instead of a large variety that is offered at discounted prices because it’s delivered at one time, the orders would be smaller, and cost the company more to delivery thereby increasing the cost for the same product to the customer to make the same margin without taxing them with delivery fees.

It will also not teach people to eat healthier or buy more nutritious products to feed their children. The solution is better education of recipients in budgeting what they receive, and more education about healthy diets. An example of trying to help Bridge Card users in self-education about eating healthily, food handling, and exercise can be seen at which makes the already existing and well-designed educational programs more accessible, includes related links to games for the kids, and even to takes it a step further by allowing recipients to enter drawings for gift cards and other prizes, and receive more information about products available for delivery. It’s promoted by gourmet foods outlet that delivers in several Michigan counties and although the site could use some work, I reiterate – that education is the key. Teach those that use the Bridge card to budget in the same way that those that don’t have use of one are required to do when they get their paychecks.

11 02 2014
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