Press Release – Grilling for Red Cross

3 09 2009

Sounds like a good reason to try BD’s Mongolian BBQ to me.  From a Mid-Michigan Chapter of the American Red Cross press release….

Support the Mid-Michigan Chapter

of the American Red Cross by


Grilling for a Good Cause!


You can show your support in two ways;

1. Sign up to be a guest griller for the night.

2. Mention that you are there on behalf of the Red Cross and Bd’s will donate a $1 for every person that does so.


Local celebrity guest grillers

AJ Hilton & Chris Gervant from WSYM-Fox 47 news along with Jessica Wheeler from WLAJ-ABC 3 news

will be grilling it up for a cause in support of the

Mid-Michigan Chapter of the American Red Cross


WHEN: September 17th, 6pm- 9pm


WHERE: Bd’s Mongolian Grill

2080 W. Grand River

Okemos, MI 48864

There will also be a Silent Auction during the event

**For More Information**

Call (517) 702-3327

visit us on Facebook at:


Food Auction in Holt

31 03 2009

I had heard about food auctions in other cities, but I had never heard any being publicized here in the Lansing area….that is until tonight.  I noticed this story from on my RSS feed. 

It might seem a little unconventional, buying your groceries at an auction instead of a supermarket, but some people we spoke with say the savings is unbelieveable [sic].

For thrifty grocery shoppers, clipping coupons and buying generic brands isn’t good enough anymore, and here in Holt, food auctions are seeing an increase in popularity.

“I think over the last 6 months we’ve definitely seen an increase. In February we had about 115 bidders, we only have 96 chairs back there,” said Chris Crepeau, of the Michigan Auction Sales.

So, how does it work?

The food is cheaper because it is purchased in bulk and may be nearing its sell by date.

“Some of the things might be close to going out of date, but 99% of everything we sell is in date,” Crepeau said.

But in date or not, Fox doesn’t let that stand in the way of a bargain.

“It’s all good stuff, I’ve never had anything that was bad,” Fox said.

Interesting concept.  If you want more information, check out

GM Cuts Could Close Don’s Windmill

27 01 2009

I just noticed this story in my RSS feeds.   The ripple effect of GM cutting employees trickles down to the businesses around the plant.

Don’s Windmill Restaurant is one of those establishments, and manager Alexis Millisor describes business as slowly dying.

“With an additional 1,200 people being laid off that’s another 1,200 that won’t be able to have money to go out to eat,” Millisor said.

Millisor says she’s worried about the future of the restaurant since much of her business comes from GM workers at the Delta plant along with truck drivers who supply parts to the factory.

They’ve been in business 55 years and it may be the end of the line. Don’s Windmill was one of the first restaurant recommendations we got from one of J’s co-workers.  It was good, greasy diner food.  Nothing great, but somehow comforting.   Losing Don’s Windmill would be sad.

Food Stamps

12 05 2008

I’m not in the greatest financial situation right now, but this article on WLNS shows that I’m luckier than I realized.

More Michigan families are relying on food stamps to put dinner on the table. The state says the number of households receiving the benefit has risen more than 50% in the past five years. Authorities say one in eight residents now gets help from the nutrition assistance program. This past March, more than 590,000 Michigan households received food stamps.

Wow.  1 in 8 Michiganders are using food stamps.  Then, I see this story on WLAJ.

It’s a plot to cheat the system, when food stamp users spend their stamps on box upon box of sale soda pop, but then dump out the soda, return the cans, and use the return to buy alcohol or other controlled substances. Grocery managers and security guards in Kalamazoo say they see it all the time.

Are you kidding me?!  I know it’s not technically illegal, but the mom interviewed in the story brings up a good point.

“What do you mean its not illegal?” she said. “It’s still fraud use of food stamps isn’t it? Doesn’t it qualify? Wow.”

There has GOT to be a way to prosecute this!  Having worked in news for five years myself, I have pretty much become immune to the type of stories that are shown.  Most of the time, the reporter rehases a generic story that is done in every market and then they put promos on the air designed to scare the viewer into watching.  I was angry when I saw this story.  I’m not on food stamps, but come on!  I’m tired of my tax money going to alcoholics!  I’m all in favor of helping people who need it, but this is ridiculous.

ABC 3 and Oprah’s Big Give

30 04 2008

Today was the final day to donate to ABC 3’s Big Give.  The project was a spin off of Oprah’s Big Give who donated $10,000 to the Greater Lansing Food Bank for milk vouchers.  Tonight on ABC 3 News at 6, they ran a story on some grade school kids at Donley Elementary School in East Lansing who raised money for the cause.

Oprah’s give inspired school kids to collect money to help others and today that money was collected. 

“We need each other and I think it’s important to teach children to give back and to pay it forward and just to take care of people in their own community.  Teach them young that what we have we need to share” said an unidentified woman at Donley Elementary.

Tomorrow, there will be a press conference at Bethleham Lutheran Church where representatives from Oprah’s Big Give will officially hand over a $10,000 check.  More on that story tomorrow……