Small Planet to Reopen

6 05 2008

It’s always good to hear news of new restaurants opening in Mid-Michigan, but really good news on the LSJ’s website today.  According to an update story, Small Planet is going to re-open in Chandler Crossing.

Former owner Vaughn Schneider will act as the general manager while his daughter Natalie Schneider takes over ownership.

They already have a liquor license and they’re working to renovate the space. Inside, there’s a concrete bar, and a spot for a large-rounded stage.

The old Small Planet attracted the likes of Kid Rock, The Verve Pipe and Weezer. Natalie Schneider hopes to attract the same type of acts.

If they can get Kid Rock, I will definately be there.   According to the article, they plan to offer a full menu and catering in addition to be a live music venue and bar.




4 responses

6 05 2008

Wow! That’s neat! How close to Lansing is that? I’m new here too….

6 05 2008
Mid-Michigan Dining

The address will be 16800 S. Chandler Rd. in East Lansing which is on the northside of East Lansing….about 10 minutes from downtown Lansing.

7 05 2008

I was at MSU when Kid Rock played there – maybe a year before he got big.

A 550 capacity could get some cool acts, kind of like what the Temple Club got before they closed up. Hopefully the students who live out there support orignal music.

7 05 2008
Mid-Michigan Dining

The bands mentioned aren’t really my types of bands, but I know what you’re talking about. I’ve seen a lot of up and coming country acts in bars and clubs with less than 500 capacity and the next year, I’m seeing the same acts in sold out arenas.

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