More People Shopping at Markets

6 05 2008

I’ve been tough on the Lansing City Market recently on this blog, but WLNS ran a story over the weekend on how more people are shopping at the market due to high grocery prices.

Nancy Tucker, Lansing City Market Shopper: “Well gosh, i just bought some potatoes and a cucumber and he gave me the price and I thought he didn’t add the cucumber in because it was less than I was expecting.”

Cheaper, because she’s used to paying grocery store prices.

And with those prices on the rise, vendors here expect more people will be turning to local markets for their summer produce.  

Lee Purdy, Lansing City Market Vendor: “Everytime there’s a transaction takes place somebody has to make some money. So if I sell it myself and I produce it myself I can sell it at a lower price.”

My girlfriend and I have been doing about 95% of our shopping at Horrock’s.  The first time we went in that store, we were shocked by the low prices.  I’ve always made fun of the “hippies” that shop at farmer’s markets, but I’m quickly becoming one of those.  The food is just so much fresher and it’s hard to argue with the prices.  Before moving here, we did about 95% of our shopping at Wal-Mart because it was right across the street.  Now, the only reason we go to Wal-Mart is because they’re the only one that carries the flavor of Propel that I like….and we’ve only been there twice in six weeks.




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