Corner Bar & Grill

1 06 2009
  • 505 E. Shiawassee St.
  • Lansing, MI 48912
  • (517) 374-3565
  • No Known Website
  • Menu
The Corner Bar & Grill on Shiawassee Street in downtown Lansing.

The Corner Bar & Grill on Shiawassee Street in downtown Lansing.

J and I called it quits early on Be A Tourist In Your Own Town.  After the zoo, we tried to go to MSU, but couldn’t find parking and just gave up.  We spent a few hours at the zoo and we were getting hungry and I had to go to work in a few hours, so we decided to find lunch/dinner.  Since we were in East Lansing, J suggested Buffalo Wild Wings which is usually a hit with me, but on our way, J also pointed out that a lot of the blog entries recently have been chains and I hate doing that.  I wanted to get back to something local.  A couple weeks ago, Runs With Spatula reviewed a bar that I haven’t been to yet.  Her blog made my mouth water.  We were saving it for after a Lugnuts game, but bar food sounded good and it would put me back on the local track.

The Corner Bar & Grill is on the corner of Shiawassee and Cedar across the street from the City Market and just a block down from Oldsmobile Park.  Before we moved here, the building housed the Club 505 which I’m told was a lesbian bar.  Now, it’s kind of taken on a biker bar feel.  Maybe that’s because there are scooters from the neighboring business parked on the sidewalk. 

There’s a gravel parking lot across Shiawassee Street that has signs for parking.  When we pulled in, there was only a couple cars in the parking lot, but it was an odd time.  We were eating lunch around 3:00 which isn’t a prime meal time.  We crossed the street and walked into the building which opens up into the bar.  There aren’t really any tables in this area.  It’s got more of a bar feel.  We walked into another room which has a number of tables, booths, and of course, flat panel TV’s.  A third room was set up for live music and there was a guy running around setting up some gear for later in the evening. Read the rest of this entry »


Paramount Coffee Giving Away Frac Packs

14 05 2009

I saw this on Paramount Coffee’s new blog.

During most night (Lugnuts) games, we offer cheap parking in our company lot right across the street from the stadium.  Five-bucks will get you in, and starting in June, we will be giving away FREE “frac pack” coffee in addition to coupons for 25% off at our online retail store.

Lugnuts Opener and a Coffee Coupon

8 04 2009

I saw the following on Paramount Coffee’s Twitter Page.

Lansing Lugnuts season opener tomorrow! Come park at Paramount (right across the street!) and get an online coupon ^_^

If you’re going anyway, why not get something out of the deal?

Press Release – Lugnuts Stimulus Plan

21 03 2009

From a Lugnuts press release…

Lugnuts Announce Food Stimulus Plan

LANSING, Mich. – The Lansing Lugnuts announced an answer on Friday to the worsening status of the national economy, rolling out the Lugnuts Food Stimulus Plan for the 2009 season.

The Lugnuts Food Stimulus Plan comprises new Dollar Dog Tuesdays, new Kids Eat Free on Sundays, new Oldsmobile Park Value Meals and the popular Labatt Blue Light Thirsty Thursdays.

“These are challenging times for Michiganders,” said Lansing Lugnuts Co-Owner Sherrie Myers.  “Our Lugnuts Food Stimulus Plan will make it easier for our fans to step up to the plate.  We’re especially excited about Dollar Dog Tuesdays and Kids Eat Free on Sundays.” Read the rest of this entry »

Oldsmobile Park

19 04 2008
  • 505 E. Michigan Ave.Oldsmobile Park
  • Lansing, MI 48912
  • (517) 485-4500
  • Website

Nothing beats a Saturday afternoon at the ballpark, so that’s what my girlfriend and I decided to do.  The Lugnuts were home and the weather was beautiful.  I had been to many games at O’Brien Field in Peoria where the the Chiefs play.  Once at the ballpark, nothing beats ballpark food.

The reason I chose to write a review on Oldsmobile Park is because of the selection of food available.  Of course they’ve got the standard hot dogs and cotton candy, but the first thing I noticed when I walked in was a push cart where a vendor was cooking pulled pork on a flat top.  We go down a little bit farther and there’s another guy doing Philly Cheesesteaks the same way. 

Oldsmobile ParkWe stopped at the pulled pork guy’s stand but all we got were a Pepsi and a Diet Pepsi.  We had just eaten so it wasn’t time for lunch just yet.  Vendors were constantly going up and down the aisles….almost to the point of annoying.  I missed a few hits because I had three vendors following each other down the aisle.  When we finally did grab something to eat, my girlfriend just got an ice cream sandwich from one of those annoying vendors.

I’ve been to a couple different minor league ballparks and it’s usually the same ol’ same ol’ when it comes to food.  More and more places are trying new things and I was pretty impressed with the way the items were set up.  For the most part, all the vendors had their backs to the field, so you could actually watch the game while waiting in line.   Oldsmobile park didn’t have the atmosphere that I’ve grown used to at Midwest League games, but that probably won’t be enough to keep me from going back.  It’s still baseball.