Think Products are Shrinking at the Supermarket?

17 06 2008

If you think you’re seeing smaller boxes in the supermarket, you right.  I saw an story on WLAJ tonight at 6 that said Kellogg is shrinking some of their boxes of cereal.  I did a quick google search and came to this USA Today article.  It’s not just cereal.  It’s pretty much everything.

Many major ice cream makers, hit by higher dairy costs, have shrunk their standard containers to 1.5 quarts from 1.75 quarts, about 1 cup less. The industry downsized from the traditional half-gallon (2 quarts) five years ago. In both cases, only the package shrank, not the price.

“Downsizing is nothing but a sneaky price increase,” says Edgar Dworsky, former Massachusetts assistant attorney general in the Consumer Protection Division, now editor of, a consumer website. “I’m waiting to open a carton of eggs and see only 11.”

Manufacturer’s say they are not trying to be sneaky.

We did not in any way try to hide this,” insists Tim Kahn, CEO of Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream, which also makes — and has shrunk — Edy’s. “The package-size change couldn’t be any more visible.” Read the rest of this entry »