Food Traditions in Lansing

3 06 2009

Another story I found via Twitter thanks to LEPFA and the GLCVB. has this article about Lansing food traditions.  They mention Emil’s, Roma Bakery, The Peanut Shop, Fabiano’s, and Golden Harvest.  Nothing you wouldn’t expect, but still worth the read.

LANSING, Mich. — Snack your way across Lansing, discovering the secrets behind the staying power of spots that have remained locally famous for multiple generations for peanuts, pastries, pancakes and more.

It’s hard to tell if it’s the blend of rich ricotta mixed with gooey mozzarella or the hint of spicy Italian sausage, but something about the lunch special at Emil’s makes you turn to your dining companions and say “Wow. Try this.”

Likely, the recipe is working the same magic it spun in the early 1920s, when Emil DeMarco was running a fruit stand where the cozy restaurant now stands (2012 E. Michigan Ave. in Lansing). In those days, Emil’s wife, Carmella, would bring him lunch, and the tantalizing smells from the homemade spaghetti were more popular among customers than the fruit, says the couple’s grandson and current owner, Paul Grescowle.



Emil’s Restaurant

22 11 2008
  • 2012 E. Michigan Ave.
  • Lansing, MI 48912
  • (517) 482-4430
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Emils Restaurant on Michigan Avenue in Lansing.

Emil's Restaurant on Michigan Avenue in Lansing.

I proved tonight that you can wear a white shirt to an Italian restaurant and not make a mess.  I think I surprised J as much as I surprised myself.  After a day of shopping, we were sitting on the couch flipping back and forth between the MSU/PSU game and the Illinois/Northwestern game.  We were both getting hungry and I was craving Italian.  Emil’s is one of the Lansing institutions that had been recomended to us when we first moved here, but we don’t eat out Italian very often.  Since I was craving, we thought, why not?

Emil’s is on Michigan Avenue a few blocks down from Sparrow Hospital.  There’s a little on street parking in the front, but there’s a huge public parking lot behind the row of businesses.  Emil’s has an entrance off the back and since that’s where we parked, that’s where we entered.  The back entrance brings you right into the bar.  We were a little confused at that point. Were we supposed to seat ourselves or is there a host somewhere.  I just figured if we walked to the front door, we’d find out.  As we made our way through the bar, a host noticed us and was waiting near the front for us.  When we got to him, he led us into a dining room seperate from the bar. Read the rest of this entry »