Roma Bakery, Deli, & Fine Foods

9 09 2008
  • 428 N. Cedar St.
  • Lansing, MI 48912
  • (517) 485-9466
  • Website
  • No Online Menu
Roma Bakery, Deli, & Fine Foods on Cedar St. in Lansing

Roma Bakery, Deli, & Fine Foods on Cedar St. in Lansing

Finding Roma today was totally an accident.  We made our weekly trip to Horrocks and wanted to find something for lunch.  I seem to remember someone telling me Aunt Millie’s had a Deli out on Grand River, so that’s what we went looking for.  We put it in the GPS and when the GPS said we had arrived, there was nothing that even remotely looked like a diner.  We found the outlet store, but no deli.  I thought maybe it was farther down Grand River, so we kept driving.  Eventually, we hit I-96 BL and I got on that without even knowing.  Once I figured out we were going through Old Town, I thought of that bakery on Cedar Street that we had passed so many times without even giving a second glance to.  Since it was getting late in the afternoon and J needed to get to work, I suggested stopping since it would probably be something we could grab and go.

Roma is situated just a few blocks from Oldsmobile Park and downtown Lansing.  The building makes it look like nothing more than the corner bakery, but there is a sign out front that says “Join us for lunch.”  The parking lot was pretty empty when we pulled in around 1:00 and we wondered if we were making a mistake. 

The inside is set up like a local grocery store.  The name Roma suggests an Italian bakery, but I would call it more European as they offer food and baked goods from all parts of the continent even though most of their wares are Italian.  The deli case is in the back of the store.  Next to the deli case is a long pastry case filled with home made goodies.  Since lunch was the priority, we hit that up first.

The Tuscan Delight on Pita Bread from Roma

The Tuscan Delight on Pita Bread from Roma

The menu is mostly sandwiches, but there are a few pizza options.  The pizza was in a case between the deli and the pastry’s and they looked delicious.  We both decided to go with sandwiches.  J got the Michigander.  You get your choice of a sub or pita.  We both chose pita.  J’s sandwich came with turkey, Colby jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo.  She asked to keep the mayo off.  We got the sandwiches to go, but she couldn’t wait and dug into her pita in the car on the ride home.  There was quite a bit of turkey and the tomatoes were cut a little too thick for her liking.  At first, she said it was just a cold meat sandwich, but the more she ate, the more it grew on her.  By the time she was done, she was really happy with her sandwich.

I got the Tuscan Delight.  My pita came filled with proscuitto, Monteray Jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, and olive oil.  I asked to keep the tomato off, but when I opened the sandwich, there were tomatoes.  Not a big deal, I just picked them off.  I loved proscuitto.  There wasn’t a whole lot on there because it is a pricey ingredient, but just enough to make the sandwich.  I really liked the way my sandwich turned out.  It was a great deli sandwich and exactly what I needed for lunch.

The Fresh Fruit Tart from Roma Bakery near downtown Lansing

The Fresh Fruit Tart from Roma Bakery near downtown Lansing

We couldn’t get out of the store without wandering over to the pastry’s.  J got a fresh fruit tart.  It wasn’t very big, but packed just enough into the small cup to give her the sugar fix she wanted.  There were a lot of brownies and cookies that looked really good and there was even miniature elephant ears that were hard to say no to. 

While J was getting her dessert, I looked around the rest of the store.  I like to cook Italian and they had a lot of hard to find and quality ingredients.  There is a huge selection of olive oils, dried pastas and even fresh, homemade pasta.  As we were paying, I noticed a huge selection of bulk spices behind the counter.  There wasn’t a lot of things I can’t find anywhere else, but the one that stuck out to me was the smoked paprika.  I didn’t buy any this time, but I may be going back.  Our meal and dessert cost about $15.  There are a few tables inside if you want to stay and eat, but we chose to take our sandwiches to go.  Roma was a great find.  Not only as a lunch spot, but more importantly, as a specialty grocery store and deli.




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9 09 2008

Aunt MIllies is just an oulet store, I think I informed you of it when you said you had found the bread to be more healthy then the other sliced bread in the grocery store, I have found the outlet to be half the price of the grocery stores around when purchasing bread. Sorry for the confusion.

9 09 2008
Mid-Michigan Dining

No, it’s ok. I do remember you talking about the outlet store, but if you do a google search for Aunt Millie’s in Lansing, you get a place called Aunt Millie’s Deli Diner at 6086 W Grand River Ave. That’s what we went looking for. We found the outlet and stopped in, but didn’t need anything. We were looking for more Wheat pitas, but all they had was white.

9 09 2008

Roma is a fantastic bakery! We got our wedding cake done by them, and it was the most delicious wedding cake I’ve ever had… After attending many weddings and getting the usual dry, white cake with cheap icing, I knew I had to be sure our wedding cake was not going to end up like that. We had each layer a different flavor, (carrot, chocolate cherry, rum, each with a fancy filling) and everyone raved about it!!!

Make sure you go back sometime just for dessert, it will be worth the effort!

20 02 2013
Anthony Anagnostu

First of all if you eat at Belle Roma Bakery or Isabella’s Italian Market in Port St Lucie Florida – or Ft Pierce – you are supporting the murderous Brancaccio family. Way back in the 90’s Victor Brancaccio murdered some old lady named Frazier where he beat her up until she died. Then the family hits the lottery like a year later or something ok? They got rich off of killing an old grandmother can you believe that? Look go to Dominoes or something. The Brancaccio family is NOT sorry. They only care about money and getting Victor out of trouble. Some of the other people in the family are crooked too like Albert Brancaccio. Anyhow, dont eat at The Roma Bakery and Pizzeria at Rio Mar Drive and U.S. 1. Because if you do then you are supporting murderers.

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