Sonic Drive-In – Birch Run

23 08 2009
  • 8650 Main Street
  • Birch Run, MI 48415
  • (989) 624-4700
  • Website
  • Menu
Sonic Drive In on Main Street in Birch Run.

Sonic Drive In on Main Street in Birch Run.

A few weeks ago, I put up a press release about Sonic opening a store in Birch Run.  I knew it was just a matter of time before we would find an excuse to make the trip east.

The Sonic in Birch Run is the chain’s fifth Michigan store.  It’s located on Main Street in front of the Prime Outlets.  You can see it as soon as you get off the Interstate.  The store has an exit and entrance from Main Street which was actually closed off when we first went by because of a lot of traffic, but most people will actually enter off Beyer Road in the back. 

When we took a trip to Flint just a few weeks after the Sonic opening there, we actually had to wait in a line to get a stall.  I assumed the same thing would happen in Birch Run.

We finally made our way to Sonic a little before six o’clock.  The main entrance is accessible from Beyer Road.  Since we were coming from the Outlet Mall, we were already close.  We pulled in to the drive way and I noticed a stall right away.  Instead of having two rows of stalls on one side of the building, they have one row on either side of the building. 

There were actually two open stalls near the back.  I took one and we started talking about what to order.  We were both still pretty stuffed from our lunch at Tony’s across the street, so neither of us were really in a dinner mood.  I wanted an Oreo Sonic Blast.  I also thought I should get a little bit of food, so I ordered a small order of Jumbo Popcorn Chicken.  J got an order of cheesy tots and a Rt. 44 Cherry Limeade. 

After pushing the red button and waiting for the guy on the other end of the speaker, it was just a matter of time before a carhop on roller skates showed up with our food.  Here’s a dilema I never thought about but J brought up.  Should we tip the carhop?  I mean, it is fast food, but on the other hand, we are being served.  I never thought of it, but we did tip her this time and will from now on.  They do have a pretty tough job avoiding crazy drivers while carrying a tray of food on roller skates. 

The new Sonic Drive In near I-75 in Birch Run.

The new Sonic Drive In near I-75 in Birch Run.

We sat in the car and ate before getting back on the road.  The Popcorn chicken was better than I expected.  J said last time she got them they were mostly breading.  I thought there was enough meat in each piece.  Better than the national chain that popularized the dish back in the1990’s.  The Sonic Blast was delicious.  I love ice cream and Oreo’s.  There was quite a bit of whipped cream on the top which isn’t my favorite, but I ate it. 

J loves Sonic and this trip didn’t disappoint.  The Limeade was made right this time (it wasn’t when we stopped in Oregon, OH).  She was happy to see the cherry wedged under the plastic top.  I didn’t realize they used a real lime until I started sucking on the ice after she was done.  The tots were just what she was hoping for and the Limeade was perfect.

As we were sitting there, a manager was walking around checking on things.  Even though I STILL don’t get it, I don’t mind stopping at Sonic for J.  Sure, we could have found another local place to check, but Sonic makes J happy.  When J’s happy, I’m happy.




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31 08 2009

This place does not even compare to Flint they over hired employees. We all did get the first two weeks around 30 hours now if we are lucky to see 25 a week. Most have been let go recently or just quit. They are moving into their next stage on working for trainers. I am not impressed with the food preparation it comes in a bag and they slap the sandwich in it and go. The food quality resemble backyard food. I wonder whats going to happen when winter sets in. I see nothing hot to drink on the menu. Everything is cold. With that said the carhops are going to be standing in the doorway just trying to stay warm. Business will also be slow, so whats the employees going to expect? Another cut in hours.

6 09 2009

Tried it out and found it to be a very favorable experience. Just passing through Birch Run and it’s a great way to end shopping. Everything clean, food great, friendly people and reasonable prices. Who wants to compare places from a work experience in a venue for rating the restaurant performance? It doesn’t do the drive in any justice. And if you don’t like working there, you shouldn’t trash it just to get even. Move on Steve.

7 09 2009

Well Steve I’m sorry that you feel this was about the Birch Run Store. The reason that you probly don’t get any hours you probly sucked on the postion that you were in and as for the carhops they’ll be busy makeing money while your not so sorry for your luck and better luck next time.

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