Sophia’s House of Pancakes

24 08 2009
  • 1010 Charlevoix Drive
  • Grand Ledge, MI 48837
  • (517) 627-3222
  • No Known Website
  • Menu
Sophias House of Pancakes just off M-43 in Grand Ledge.

Sophia's House of Pancakes just off M-43 in Grand Ledge.

Ah….lazy Sunday’s.  We didn’t have much to do other than grocery shop, so there wasn’t any hurry to get moving in the morning.  We needed to make a trip to Walmart and Horrocks, so I thought it was time to finally try a place in Grand Ledge that has been recommended several times in the past.

Sophia’s House of Pancakes is right on the edge of town if you’re coming from Lansing on M-43.  Even though we didn’t get there until a little before one o’clock, the parking lot was packed.  There was just one spot left which I beat another car to.  I figured a packed parking lot at one o’clock was probably a pretty good sign.

When we got inside, we found a short wait for a table.  The entire restaurant was hopping.  There was a group of seven waiting and another couple.  The couple was seated first then we got the next smaller table that opened up.  They had a lot of seating for two, but seating for large groups was limited which seemed weird to me at a place like this.  Sophia’s is definitely one of those places you take the whole family after church. 

We were taken to a table for three near the back of the restaurant.  There are a lot of booths, but not many tables.  J and I got what was probably one of the few tables that were not intended for large groups.  We started looking over the big menu and looking around us to see what everyone else was eating.  Everything that came out of the kitchen looked delicious and most of it was still breakfast. 

The waitress stopped by on her way back to the kitchen to get drink orders.  I got a Coke while J got an Iced Tea.  She brought the drinks back fairly quickly then took our order. 

We both went with omelets.  I got a bacon and cheddar omelet while J got the Michigan apple and cheddar.  The omelets came with hash browns and choice of either toast or pancakes.  We both chose wheat toast which prompted the waitress to question us on why neither of us chose pancakes. 

Sophias House of Pancakes on the edge of Grand Ledge.

Sophia's House of Pancakes on the edge of Grand Ledge.

Next came the wait….and it was long.  Forty minutes long in fact.  I know the place was packed, but it’s also breakfast.  It doesn’t take that long.  There was a large group sitting next to us that had their order brought out in pieces, so I know the kitchen was struggling to keep up, but I have a feeling this is an every weekend thing, so the volume shouldn’t have been a surprise.  By the time our food did finally get there, I already had a bad taste in my mouth and we ate fast just because we were ready to leave.  There wasn’t much savoring. 

I will say, the omelette’s were pretty good.  I realized after I took a couple bites there was a lot of bacon in there…..then I realized I didn’t need any more bacon after my lunch at Tony’s in Birch Run the day before.  J has now put me on a bacon detox for the next month…which I can’t guarantee I’ll adhere too.  The omelet is big.  It’s five eggs and the filling is loaded on the inside.  I don’t really like hash browns, so I didn’t really eat any.  The toast was just bread.  Nothing special.  I didn’t realize there was already butter on the first piece I ate, so I added some more to the other side.  J was kind enough to point out that the butter was already on the bottom side.

J said her omelette was like a little apple pie.  There were a lot of thinly sliced apples inside the egg (well, egg beaters actually).  She did dig into the hash browns.  At first, she was disappointed because she likes the crust that comes from the grill.  After digging a little, she found a lot of that crunchy stuff and actually seemed to like the hash browns. 

Sophia’s House of Pancakes is definitely the place in the community.  We saw a lot of Grand Ledge High School t-shirts which is a pretty good indication that the locals go to Sophia’s for breakfast.  The food was good, but we were really turned off by the wait time.  We were still eating when we asked for the check  (which was just under $20) just because we were afraid the waitress wouldn’t come back.  I can’t honestly say if I would go back to Sophia’s or not.  I don’t like waiting and no matter how good the food was, that’s going to be the thing I remember about the place.  I wouldn’t discourage others from giving it a shot.  Obviously, they’re doing something right to pack the people in there like they do.




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24 08 2009

The seating situation could be due to the fact that this used to be a Big Boy. The omelets are great. But I bet you were questioned about the pancakes because they have Really good Pancakes( second best to Golden Harvest). I think thats why I keep going back even though you have to wait long. But Log Jam in Grand Ledge is excellent too. Great Biscuits and gravy.

25 08 2009
Mid-Michigan Dining

yeah…I know not getting pancakes at a place with “pancakes” in their name is questionable, but we didn’t need the extra calories and carbs.

I’ve heard the same about Log Jam…that was a backup plan if Sophia’s didn’t work out.

26 08 2009

But what about the bacon, wasn’t that extra calories. Hehe

23 12 2009
Bernie B

On the weekend (Fri-Sun), you need to find time to hit the Log Jam as this is the only time they do breakfast (from 8am-1pm?), and they do it very well.

I know you and J aren’t morning people, but it’s worth the trip.

2 04 2010

I just have to implore you to go back and give Sophia’s a second chance. They may have had a new cook or something, because I’ve been there with just my boyfriend and been there with a group of six (usually on a packed Sunday) and it never took 40 minutes to get our food.

The mushroom omelet is amazing and skip the hash browns and go for the home fries. They may call them something else, I can’t remember. We don’t get out there often since we live in Williamston (and it’s about a 40 minute hike to Sophia’s), but I crave the chocolate chip pancakes. They’re a touch sweet and almost like cake. These aren’t any old side cakes either, they’re full-on pancake size. Worth the extra calories and carbs any day. 🙂

3 04 2012

If you want fast food, go to Wendy’s. You should be happy that you know your quality meal was made from scratch, not a frozen package.

4 04 2012
SW Michigan Dining

That’s not a free pass on service.

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