Sonic Drive In – Oregon, OH

3 08 2009
  • 2925 Navarre Avenue
  • Oregon, OH 43616
  • (419) 691-6600
  • Website
  • Menu
The Sonic Drive In in Oregon, OH

The Sonic Drive In in Oregon, OH

So, I’m sure many of you were expecting a review of one of Michael Symon’s restaurants in this spot.  I mean, if I’m going to Cleveland, you’d think I’d check out one of my favorite chef’s places, right?  Normally, you would be right, but this time, I was tired and already promised J we’d find a Sonic on the way home.  In addition to that, neither of us were really dressed for dinner at a fancy restaurant.  We would have been ok for lunch, but would have felt out of place at dinner.

We left Cleveland at about 5:30.  Had we used the GPS to look, we could have found a Sonic in Cleveland, but I already wrote down an address for one near Toledo.  Our original plan was just to go to Sandusky and Toledo was the closest one that was on the way home.  I had been planning that stop for days.

There are two Sonic’s in the Toledo area and both are in suburbs.  We chose the one in Oregon because it wasn’t that far off the Interstate and on the northwest side of the city.  On the way from Cleveland, I missed my turn to stay on I-90, so we ended up taking OH-2 until it turned into a two lane road.  We had about a half hour drive through the Ohio countryside which was fine with me.  When we got into town, OH-2 turned into Navarre Avenue.  A few blocks later, it ran into the Interstate we needed to head home.

We pulled into a stall where I scanned the menu.  I think J already knew what she wanted, but since I’m less of a fan, I had no clue.  I initially decided on popcorn chicken, but noticed a burger.  J said the popcorn chicken was mostly breading and that I would probably be happier with a burger, so I pressed the red button to place the order.

Since I hate drive thrus or any place I have to order through a speaker, J leaned over me to actually do the ordering.  I got the #7 which is the Jalapeno Cheeseburger with fries and a drink.  I got a large Orange Slush.  The burger came with pickled jalapenos, mustard, and lettuce.  It was surprisingly good.  I’ve found recently that I really like jalapenos on just about anything.  The only thing I could really taste was the peppers which is pretty good.  The fries were alright.  Just regular fast food fries.  I ended up with J’s because she ordered tater tots, but they brought her fries.  The Orange Slush reminded me of a Mister Misty from DQ.  I had a real hard time drinking it after we started driving again.  Even though there was a lot left in the cup, all I was sucking was air.  It was real frustrating.  I would stir it up, but that would only work for a few minutes.  After a two hour ride home, I still had quite a bit left when we pulled in to Lansing. 

One of two Toledo area Sonics.

One of two Toledo area Sonic's.

J ordered Bacon Cheeseburger Toaster meal.  She loves bacon and surprised me by getting a burger.  She ate everything but about half the patty which she gave to me.  I think she was really in the market for everything but the burger which is fine with me.  I’ll take more meat.  Like I already mentioned, she ordered tots, but got fries.  Instead of complaining, she gave them to me after eating a few. 

J wanted Sonic for the drinks.  She got her Cherry Limeade which is all she ever talks about when we see Sonic commercials.  She was a little ticked because she noticed after we left that they didn’t put a cherry in the drink.  She also got a peanut butter fudge shake which she shared with me.  I love peanut butter.  This shake hit that mark pretty well.

The bill for our meal was under fifteen bucks.  Not bad for fast food and we did order a lot.  I’m still not sold on Sonic being the greatest thing since sliced bread and I could still care less if one is ever built in Lansing, but I will continue to hunt them down when we go on trips because I know how much J likes it.  I at least learned there are some good things on the menu and it won’t be the end of the world if I have to eat fast food over a local establishment.




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20 08 2009

Ah, Sonic. They are a guilty pleasure. I can not resist their breaded chicken sandwich with tater tots and cherry limeade. It looks and smells like carnival food which I basically detest, but for some reason Sonic just does it for me. I don’t really care for fast food but they are a weakness. Or maybe it’s just nostalgia…

20 08 2009
Mid-Michigan Dining

I’m not much of a fast food guy either and I really don’t get the deal with Sonic. I hate drive thrus or any place I have to order through a speaker. My fiancee loves it though so I go out of my way to find one for her when I can.

20 08 2009

I actually don’t get the deal with Sonic either but for some reason, I’ve always loved it. Of course, I haven’t had it in quite some time so I would likely think differently if I tried it again. Still enjoy the cherry limeade though…

20 08 2009

There is a Sonic in Grand Rapids, but the in-laws aren’t real fans of it.

20 08 2009
Mid-Michigan Dining

Yeah, I think that one’s in Wyoming. It just opened this winter. There’s also one in Portage (Kalamazoo). That pretty much makes Lansing the largest market without a Sonic now in Michigan.

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