Artist Cafe – Windsor, ON

24 05 2009
  • 377 Riverside Drive East
  • Windsor, ON N9A 7H7
  • (519) 258-7878
  • Website
Artist Cafe at the Caesars Windsor.

Artist Cafe at the Caesar's Windsor.

I can only take so much gambling.  J and I did pretty well.  She came out a little bit ahead and I only lost the $25 I started with, but we were able to play for two to three hours with that money.  Yeah, we’re boring.  Just penny and nickle slots.  I wanted to make not a lot of money last for a while.  My mom and aunt didn’t come out ahead either, but they got to play all day and experience Canada.  My mom loved that she got an “extra five bucks.”   To her, it’s not about coming out ahead, it’s about playing for a while and having fun.  The extra five bucks gave her that many more spins.

After a few hours, J and I were tapped out, but my mom was determined to play a certain machine.  She waited in line as the little old ladies put in a hundred bucks at a time.  I started to walk around and noticed a cafe next to a Starbucks.  As I walked closer, I noticed an ice cream case.  When I got right up on it, I found out it wasn’t ice cream.  It was gelato.  I went and found J immediately.

The Artist Cafe is part of Caesar’s Windsor.  It’s located on the first floor just around the corner from the main entrance and the gaming floor.  There’s a whole cafe that’s open 24/7, but we weren’t interested in regular food.  We just wanted sweets. 

Artist Cafe in Windsor at the Caesars Windsor Casino

Artist Cafe in Windsor at the Caesars Windsor Casino

The gelato is at the end of a bar.  We didn’t even have to go into the cafe to get it.  A guy behind the counter came over and helped us.  I just wanted a scoop of vanilla and J just got a scoop of chocolate.  They were out of waffle cones, so we had to get it in cups, but that was fine with us.

The total for the two scoops was just under $7 CAD.  We started to walk back to my mom and dad who were still in line for the “Wizard of Oz” slots, but we stopped just around the corner to eat.  J got a huge scoop.  I mean really huge scoop.  It was twice the size of mine, but she didn’t want that much, so she scooped some off into my cup.  Both flavors were delicious an rich. 

The scoop of gelato at 7:30 held us over for the rest of the night.  We headed back to the States (and a grilling by a border agent for no reason other than we wanted to go home) about a half hour later and passed on dinner in downtown Detroit.  J said the Caesars in Windsor reminded her of the casinos in Vegas having restaurants and shops inside.  I’ve never been to Vegas, but I sure did appreciate gelato after a day of gaming.




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