Old College Field

12 04 2009
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  • East Lansing, MI 48824
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Old College Field on the campus of Michigan State University

Old College Field on the campus of Michigan State University

My long stretch of baseball/softball continued at Michigan State University’s Old College Field.  This was a new facility for me.  I’ve been to soccer at DeMartin Field next door and I’m really looking forward to taking in a game at the newly remodeled McLane Baseball Stadium, but I’ve never seen a softball game at MSU.

The day started bright and early Saturday morning at the softball diamond which is between  behind Jenison Field House and the Red Cedar River.  Parking is located at Jenison and you have quite a hike to get back to the softball diamond.  The field is situated between the soccer field and baseball diamond.

Old College Field gets it’s name from the days when MSU football actually played on the area.  It retained the name Old College Field even though most of the football stadium was actually where the baseball diamond is now.  In 2008, the whole area underwent a face lift and the field was moved and home plate now faces the Red Cedar River.

The grandstands and press box at Old College Field.

The grandstands and press box at Old College Field.

Currently, Old College Field lacks a few key amenities.  There are no permanent structures for the fans….ie, restrooms and concession stands.  There are port-a-potties back near the entrance, but nothing near the grandstands.  There is also a portable concession stand that sets up shop when the fans start piling in.   Those facilities should be replaced in the near future as the renovation of the area continues.

For the team, things are a little different.  There’s actually a first class indoor batting facility and locker room located behind the MSU dugout.  I obviously didn’t get to see inside, but from what I’m told, the ladies have a great facility and second to none in the Big Ten.

The grandstands were built in 2004 and they moved with the field in 2008.  It’s not a permanent structure.  The seating is aluminum bleachers that spans between the two dugouts. 

Michigan State has a number of great facilities for their athelets and Old College Field is one of them.  The university is doing a lot of work in the area and things are only going to get better for MSU softball.




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21 05 2009

Have you had a chance to make it back since the grandstand was rebuilt? MSU did a great job. The site still lacks permanent restrooms and a concession stand but the playing surface and stands are top notch. Once the final building/s are in and landscaping is complete OCF will be a beautiful facility.

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