Hooters of Lansing

8 04 2009
  • 172 E. Edgewood Blvd.
  • Lansing, MI 48911
  • (517) 393-7997
  • Website
  • Menu
Hooters of Lansing on E. Edgewood Blvd.

Hooters of Lansing on E. Edgewood Blvd.

I’m going to be honest.  I’ve never been a fan of Hooters.  Even as a horny teenager, I thought their gimmick was ridiculous.  The only Hooters close to where I grew was over an hour away and every time my friends and I were close to it, we’d have to stop.  They would all cover by saying, “but the food is so good.”  I disagreed.  I always thought it was overpriced for what it was.  It was fine, but it seemed like you were paying for something other than the food.  The only redeeming quality to Hooters for me was the hot wings.  At the time, Hooters was about the only place serving up chicken like that.  This was long before Buffalo Wild Wings and long before chicken wings became staples on sports bar menus. 

So, even though there’s a Hooters just around the corner from where we live now, it’s one place we haven’t really been itching to get to.  That is, until I saw a commercial for 10 boneless wings and fries for $5.99 on Wednesday’s.  I figured if nothing else, it was a cheap meal and it would give us an excuse to check out the Lansing store.

Hooters of Lansing is on Edgewood Boulevard in South Lansing.  It’s got the same design as every other store and the same decor and layout as every other Hooters.  They use wood paneling and bright orange colors to accent their waitress uniforms.  J called it an outdoorsy field.  It is a very vibrant atmosphere and one of the original sports bars.  The unique thing that I’ve always liked about Hooters is how they send orders to the kitchen.  Sure, they may use POS systems now, but they still put a piece of paper on a clip and send it along a zip wire to the kitchen.  When something is ready, the kitchen sends it back.

We made our way into our local Hooters just after seven o’clock on a Wednesday night and most of the tables were full.  We stood near the entrance wondering if we were supposed to wait to be seated or just seat ourself.  A manager noticed standing there and yelled at one of the waitresses to show us to a table.  We took a high table in the non-smoking section.  The “high tables” are pub tables with backless stools.  The menus are already on the table and the specials book was opened to the “Wingsday” page. 

We started off with Pepsi’s and contemplated a couple of the starters.  There were some really yummy looking creations.  J was really intrigued by the drink menu.  Unfortunately for her, it was her dinner break, so alcohol was out of the question.

Hooters of Lansing on the south side of town.

Hooters of Lansing on the south side of town.

The waitress came back with our drinks and we both put in our order for the “Wingsday” special.  Every Wednesday through June they have 10 boneless wings, choice of dipping sauce, and fries for $5.99.  J got BBQ wings.  I went with the medium hot wings. 

I’m not a huge fan of boneless wings.  I think actual chicken wings have a better flavor, but I will give you that boneless wings are a lot easier to eat.  J prefers the boneless because she says she feels like she isn’t really eating an animal. 

Our order took about ten minutes to come up.  J really liked her BBQ wings.  I think she was surprised by the food.  She can’t recall if she’d ever actually eaten at a Hooters before and she admitted to having a preconceived notion about the place, but it turns out, she was really happy with the food and will put it in to rotation of places to order carry-out from.  She said the fries were a little too salty, but really liked the BBQ wings and will definitely consider going back for them in the future.

My medium wings had little to no flavor.  I really should have went with a hotter sauce.  They did have a hint of the sauce that Hooters is famous for but for the most part, they tasted like chicken.  It’s my fault for not going hotter.  The chicken pieces are pretty small, but no smaller than anyone else’s boneless wings.  10 sounds like a lot and for most people, it probably is, but I left still pretty hungry.  The fries are curly fries and there was a good portion on the plate, but I walked into Hooters really hungry.  I left just a little hungry.

Our bill was just over $17 which is a great price for wings.  Our meal was actually a lot better than I think both of us expected.  My complaint about Hooters in the past was the price, but this deal cancels that.  When you’re with a group of guys, I still think the waitresses can be overbearing, but Hooters has become a place where you can actually take a family or even your girlfriend.  I’m still not going to lie and say it’s my first choice when it comes to wings or chain food, but I’ve probably been harder on the chain than I should be.  The food is decent…especially when you can find a deal like “Wingsday.”




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19 02 2013
Nathan klingman

Service was hood until I ask a qustion and was told to shutup manager was told did nothing sad please better management!

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