Tony’s in Birch Run to be on Triple D?

22 03 2009

Frequent commenter Dan pointed me to an article in the Saginaw News that says Tony’s Restaurant in Birch Run may be featured on my favorite show Diner’s, Drive-In’s, and Dives.

“They got an overwhelming amount of calls about us being on their show,” said Steve Fritzler, 10-year owner of the restaurant. “You have to get a certain amount of referrals from customers.”

Fritzler said producers contacted him about three months ago and indicated they wanted to tape this summer.

On the day of filming, posted notices will warn patrons not to enter if they don’t want to appear on TV.

A representative from show producer Page Productions of Minneapolis, Minn., would not confirm whether taping would take place.

Tony’s was one of the places I wanted to stop when we took a trip to Frankenmuth last fall, but I wasn’t sure if it was a place my parents would enjoy.  It definitely sounds like a place J and I would enjoy and it’s now getting bumped up to a higher priority on our list of stops.




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23 03 2009

If you like food, and a lot of it, you have to visit Tony’s sometime, preferably at the same time as a visit to Frankenmuth, here is a youtube of their BLT:

There are other vids up there of the crazy portions they serve.

23 03 2009

It’s also been featured on the Travel Channel as one of the “top 10 places to pig out” or something like that.

23 03 2009

We ate there last summer and were in awe of the large portions. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger and there was so much bacon stacked on it that I had to remove over half of it just so I could eat the burger. There were probably 20 pieces of bacon on the thing!

I will warn you that the food is nothing really special. It’s certainly edible, but they seem to care more about shocking you with the large portions rather than serving quality food.

23 03 2009
Mid-Michigan Dining

awesome…I’ll have to see if I can find the Travel Channel clips. I haven’t had that channel in a while, so I didn’t know they had a show like that.

I think a pound of bacon on every sandwich is something special 🙂 Yes, I have a death wish…as long as it’s death by pork.

10 12 2011
hailey hendrix

hey guy umm just letting u know theres this resturaunt in downtown detroit called mexican town

25 03 2009

We used to go to Tony’s a lot in high school after cross-country/track meets. The portions are indeed crazy and the BLT is up near the top of the list. Problem is fitting it in your mouth without taking half the bacon off.

When you leave, they used to give you a huge handful of candy too. I haven’t been in there in awhile since it wasn’t open last time we were up there so that may not be part of the schtick now.

For a closer to home crazy-size BLT, check out the Irish Pub on W. Saginaw just west of MLK. On swirl-rye. Mmmmm.

6 04 2009

The portions are huge, but I think the quality is fairly lacking. The BLT has to have the equivalent of an entire package of bacon. I agree with Genie on the Irish Pub too…and they have awesome Olive Burgers.

2 06 2014
Rob Noble

worst service EVER.. AVOID AT ALL COSTS… the food is average and not worth the $$$$ for the crap service from Dawn and their manager Gregg is a complete IDIOT!

2 06 2014
Rob Noble

worst service EVER.. AVOID AT ALL COSTS… the food is average and not worth the $$$$ for the crap service from Dawn and their manager Gregg is a complete IDIOT! GOt there on Sunday and waited over 15 minutes to get our order taken. I actually called the cashier to ask for a server from my table. Manager comers over and acts like there is no problem waiting for a long time for a lb of bacon on a BLT that costs $9.00. This manager should be cleaning toilets.

2 01 2016

Never had issues there EVER. Fast service and fast orders. Love this place. Sry you had a bad experience.

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