Sweet Sensations

22 03 2009
  • 1693 Cedar Street
  • Holt, MI 48842
  • (517) 694-6922
  • Website
  • Menu
Sweet Sensations on Cedar Street in Holt.

Sweet Sensations on Cedar Street in Holt.

Ah, spring.  With spring comes one of my favorite things.  The opening of the ice cream stands.  J and I spent all winter sitting at home wondering where we could go for soft serve ice cream.  All the stands close during the winter.  There’s no Dairy Queen restaurant and Culver’s is in Okemos. 

On our way to Mason for dinner, we noticed that there was an ice cream stand on the way opened.  As we drove by, we decided to skip dessert at Big Boy and pick up some ice cream on our way home.

Sweet Sensations is on the corner Cedar Street and Watson Avenue in Holt.  It’s a small shop with a walk up window and a giant ice cream cone on the roof of the building.  If you’ve ever driven through Holt, you’ve seen the giant ice cream cone.  There are a few tables along the side the building, but other than that, there’s really no place to sit an eat.  It’s really more of a neighborhood place for families to walk to in the summer time. 

The menu is a series of 8×10 sheets of paper with pictures of the products on them.  That’s actually a really good idea.  A lot of the sundaes and creations have unique names and you’d have no idea what you were getting if you couldn’t see it first. 

Sweet Senstaions in Holt.  Home of the Big Cone

Sweet Sensations in Holt. Home of the Big Cone

If you’re a follower of this blog, it’s no surprise to you that we both ordered flurries, but we both branched out from our usual peanut butter cup mix in.  J went with a small S’mores flurry.  It’s a like a deconstructed S’mores consisting of marshmallow pieces, graham cracker crumbs and chocolate mixed into vanilla ice cream.  She loved it and said it tasted just like s’more.

I had a medium cookie dough flurry which was also delicious.  There were big chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough pieces on top of the ice cream, but there was also a lot in the flurry itself.  I ended up with a lot of cookie in every bite.

The total for the two flurries was a little over six bucks which is a little bit cheaper than some of the other places in town, but not by a whole lot.  It really is hard to screw up ice cream like that, but it’s also hard to really stand out from everyone else.  Sweet Sensations was really good and I would definitely stop again if we were heading that way.




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23 03 2009

Now that it is to late, there is an Ice Cream shop about 30 seconds away from the Big Boy in Mason. It is called Supper Twist. It has soft serve and some hand dipped, they have flurries/blizzards there too. That is where I tend to go, but I grew up in Mason and my family is there.

23 03 2009
Mid-Michigan Dining

I saw it when we were leaving, but we were heading back towards Holt, so that’s why I chose Sweet Sensations.

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