Gatorade Drops “Propel With Calcium” Line

24 02 2009

I got bad news in my inbox today.   Earlier this week, we made our weekly trip to Walmart to pick up a few six packs of Propel.  J likes Lemon.  I like the Mandarin Orange which is part of the Propel With Calcium line.  We noticed a change in bottles which is a welcome change, but we couldn’t find the Mandarin Orange flavor.  Walmart was about the only place we could even find Mandarin Orange anyway, so not seeing it on the shelf caused some alarm.  I e-mailed customer service to see what was up.  I got the following reply….

We’re sorry to tell you that Propel with calcium, including the mandarin orange flavor, has been discontinued.

As you may know, there are many reasons why a product may be discontinued, but it is usually because sales expectations have not been met. When too many stores discontinue a product, it becomes difficult to continue making and selling the product.

We’ve been listening to consumer feedback and have decided to take action on the most popular requests. As a result, we’ve made some changes to our current Propel line-up. Propel Fit Water will be transitioned to Nutrient Enhanced Water. This new line now offers the following flavors:

* Lemon
* Berry
* Grape
* Kiwi-Strawberry
* Peach Mango Body (with fiber)
* Black cherry Mind
* Blueberry Pomegranate

(Any flavor not mentioned above has been discontinued.)

DAMN!  I guess I’ll just have drink Lemon from now on.




30 responses

25 02 2009
Kevin MacNutt

Take a look at the ingredients on the new Propel, which no longer contains sucrose and now contains the dreaded High Fructose Corn Syrup. One of the advantages to the old Propel over other drinks of it’s type is the lack of High Fructose Corn Syrup, but those days are gone. I am also afraid to say that due to the ingredient change, Propel no longer tastes as good. If you can find bulk of the older type of Propel, be sure to stock up as it may be the last time you see it.

25 02 2009
Mid-Michigan Dining

I noticed that yesterday, but didn’t really notice a difference in the taste. Lemon wasn’t my favorite anyway

8 03 2009

Well so much for our family drinking as much as a six-pack per day of Propel Peach! We tried the new Peach-Mango & tastes like gutter runoff. Especially in this economy, companies should listen to their consumers, not some marketing goofball who’s never even sampled the product he’s hyping, not to mention the one on the chopping block. Given their new elitist ad campaign it’s obvious Gatorade’s become too big for their britches. We’re looking for a substitute.

8 03 2009

My husband and I lived on Propel. We had completely stopped drinking everything else. Our favorite flavors were Mandarin Orange, Strawberry, Lemonade and Grape. We can’t believe they got rid of all but one of our favorites. We tried the Blueberry and Peach and thought they were horrible!

12 03 2009

We would buy all the Orange we could get every time we would go to the store.
We had to go on Thursdays before 5 if we wanted to get enoungh for the week, usually 6-8 six packs. It is the only water products I could get my wife and kids to drink. I know other people I work with that do the same thing about Mandarine Orange in other towns. I am a traveling sales rep so I would pick up in adjoing towns to bring home because my local store never had enough on the shelf
My local store manager told me the Military was getting thier shipments. Now I hear it’s history? Dang. I can drink a few of the new flavors but the rest of the family has switched back to topicana.
A clasic case of running out of products on the shelf so sales slow down. Duh

18 03 2009

Mandarin Orange was the only flavor I would drink. I would buy every 6 pack they had on the shelf when it was available. A lot of the time there wasn’t much left making me think that it was one of the big sellers. I would go through two 6 packs a week and got some of my other family members hooked on it. I will have to find another brand with that flavor. No more business for Gatorade

28 03 2009

I’ve bought Propel “Peach” for a long time. Cases at a time as it’s the best flavor out there. I have not found it in a long time. The “mango” flavor is awful.
If they do not make Peach now I will never buy Propel again. Don’t like the other flavors.
Please bring the Peach flavor back. I will buy other brands now until Propel Peach is again made. Very poor choice in marketing.

2 04 2009
Andrew Bailey

Mandarin Orange Propel was only flavored water that I like. The excuse that Mandarin Orange Propel did not have enough sales is BULL! It was the only flavor of Propel that would be cleaned off of every store shelf I visited, grocery and Wal-Mart. Not one left to be had. So what is the REAL reason that they have taken it off the market? Is there a health risk there not telling us about?

3 04 2009

I called the company about this & the phone rep started out by claiming that poor sales were the cause of the discontinuation of some Propel flavors. After I rejected that, she eventually conceded that Peach had been one of the most popular! She sent me a coupon for a six-pack of another flavor.

Not that I’m optimistic, but if enough of we disgruntled former customers call the toll-free hotline, maybe someone will get the message.

6 04 2009

I loved Tropical Citrus and they discountinued that. SO I found Melon and NOW that is also discountinued. I am also going to look for something else to drink. Bummer…I used to buy 5-6 6packs a week.

10 04 2009

I am in disbelief that so many people feel the same way i do about the Mandarin Orange flavor of Propel. I really thought i was the only one who was this upset about the discontinuation of the flavor. I have searched every wal-mart within a 30 mile radius and no luck. i even asked my loacal publix to special order it, they said that it would take 6 weeks for it to come in, but after contacting Propel directly I now know that my special delivery of Mandaring Orange Propel will not be arriving.

i agree with so many of the comments, that it must have been the most popular flavor because most every time i went to buy some, the shelves were cleaned out. so whenever i did come across it, i purchased every 6-pack they had. now i know i’m not the only one!!!

what can we do?? am i crazy for feeling so strongly about this??

10 04 2009

i’ll call the 800# and state my case…how about you too!

22 04 2009

I too have been buying the Propel Peach by the case for years and I don’t drink regular water. It’s the only flavor water that I have found that I liked. You are right that the Peach – Mango one is awful. What were they thinking?

25 04 2009

I like the rest am disapointed in the new changes with the propel peach seemed to be the best as far as I was concerned
We all need to call and complain to the company
Also there is a propel page on facebook you can post your comments
Maybe with enough grumbling by all of us they might bring back the old propel

28 04 2009

Why the mandarin orange? Everytime we would go to the store we would buy all there was, when there was some there, we were not the only ones buying this flavor, bring it back.

3 05 2009


4 05 2009

BRING BACK the Mandrian Orange !!!!

25 05 2009
John Tranchitella

Well It seems you took off a quality product(old style) and repalced it with a non
quality product. When will companies ever learn to leave well enough alone.
Are you trying to cut cost? It seems you doubled the sodium to say green house gases. We really enjoyed the old product. I remember years ago a soft
drink company tried the same idea. I hope you enjoy your saving on plastic and
paper at the expense of a customer. Looking at other sites tells me I’m not alone.


25 08 2009
JC Walker

For Shame! Who in your company has made these stupid decisions to change the sweetner and discontinue the Mandarin Orange. You need to honor your customer’s wishes instead of the half brain that thought up these changes. I will be looking for another drink also. That goes for gatorade too. I hope all of your customers leave. If there was a medical reason you need to inform us. I would hate to think that if there was you are not telling us for fear of law suits.

2 09 2009

I saw a nutritionist who recommended I consume more water. I purchased several different types of flavored waters as plain water is unappetizing. I discovered propel and fell in love with the peach mango and kiwi-strawberry flavors. I am a Canadian citizen who currently resides in the United States. On a visit home I fervently searched for propel and found it sold in very few stores. Being a recent propel consumer I was not familiar with the larger bottles 591ml instead of the 500ml and the different flavors. My choices were ORANGE, GRAPE and STRAWBERRY. I bought an Orange and Strawberry. I loved the Orange but disliked the Strawberry. I came to enjoy the Orange so much I bought the entire stock of Orange propel from the store to take to the U.S. with me. For all of you who love Orange propel cross the border. It’s more than worth the trip!!!

23 09 2009

I use to drink the Mandarin Orange all the time. Everytime I went to the store to buy it, there was never any left. There was plenty of the other nasty crap water they have. There are 4 Walmarts, 2 Martin’s, and 4 Food Lions where I live and if I went to all of them, I would be lucky to get 3 six packs. I do not know why they discontinued this line of water, must of been some marketing idiot, that has never even drank any of the water they sell or see what people buy the most. Now I do not buy any Propel at all. What a joke.

4 10 2009

I had a similar “freakout” experience at Target the day I realized it was gone. I still look just in case they decide to start making it again. I too called Gatorade and got the same speech about low sales. I asked them if Orange (one of the most common flavors for everything) was seriuosly selling less than Blueberry Pomegrante and other odd combinations. I stopped drinks soft drinks back in the day and started drinking Propel non-stop. Can someone send them this blog? It might be good for them to see this…

28 12 2009

I am another one who would buy the orange out at all the selling stores. I am with Andrew Bailey……..What is the real reason that they took it off the market? Was it a health issue?

28 12 2009
SW Michigan Dining

Yeah….I’m just not one of those conspiracy theory people. Just because I love it doesn’t mean it sold well

31 12 2009
Bernie B

Just FYI, Gatorade is owned by the Quaker Oats Company which in turn was bought out by Pepsi in 2001. Pepsi bought Quaker as they weren’t able to successfully break into the sports drink market on their own.

7 07 2010

Just FYI, I do market research and I pulled up the data for propel calcium.

While Mandarin Orange did do relatively well, it is not a winning product compared to the rest of the propel line. The beverage market is highly competitive, and a drink has to be VERY successful to warrant the support of Pepsi.

The most popular flavors of propel have sales that are orders of magnitude higher than all of the propel calcium line put together.

Sorry guys, I liked the flavor too!

8 07 2010
SW Michigan Dining

I totally get that and it’s pretty much what I assumed. I’m not naive to think that just because I like something that everyone else loves it too.

I do miss it though..I bought the flavor by the case. My mother-in-law has one bottle left in her fridge that she bought me before they discontinued it..I want to drink it, but I know it will just make me want more 😦

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