Los Tres Amigos – South Cedar

5 01 2009
  • 6405 S. Cedar St.
  • Lansing, MI 48911
  • (517) 393-4100
  • Website
  • Menu
Los Tres Amigos on South Cedar Street in Lansing

Los Tres Amigos on South Cedar Street in Lansing

I’ve said before on this blog I’m not a huge fan of ethnic cuisine.  I prefer my burger and fries, but we kept hearing such good things about Los Tres Amigos on South Cedar Street that we had to try it. 

After a whirlwind trip back to Chicago, we got home just in time for dinner on a Sunday night.  I didn’t feel like cooking and J suggested going out.  I asked her if she was in the mood for Mexican and she said she wanted to give it a try, so we headed to Los Tres Amigos for dinner.

Los Tres Amigos is part of a chain that also goes by the name La Hacienda  Los Amigos.  They have locations in Lansing, Jackson, and Howell.  We chose the location on South Cedar Street just because it’s close to our place.  We always see advertisements for their great happy hour specials, but J’s at work during those times, so we can never make it. 

When you walk in, your met at a hostess station then you can go one of two ways.  You probably guessed it by now.  One was was smoking the other was non-smoking.  We, of course, chose non-smoking and were shown to a table in the dining room. The waiter came over and took our drink orders.  Neither of us were in the mood for alcohol so we both went with Cokes. 

For someone who doesn’t eat a lot of Mexican, the menu was very intimidating.  They assumed that I knew what everything was.  There were a couple moments where my brain was telling me “Just get the chicken wings” or “There’s a burger and fries on the menu right there.  Get that!”  That would have been a little counter productive.  I was just about to give in and order three tacos a la cart and some nachos, but at the last minute, I went back to my first choice of burrito nacho cheese. 

The entrance to Los Tres Amigos on Lansings south side.

The entrance to Los Tres Amigos on Lansing's south side.

The burrito nacho cheese is a flour tortilla filled with meat then covered in a red sauce and nacho cheese.  I was really surprised at just how fast the plates came out.  We were content with the home made tortilla chips and salsa that we were snacking on when a guy wearing a hot glove that went half way up his arm came over with our food.  He set the plate down and warned me it was hot. I could hear it sizzling yet my first move was to grab the plate.  Ouch.  My own fault.  I was verbally warned and I could hear it yet I grabbed the plate.  I’m not that bright.

The burrito was delicious.  I’m so glad I didn’t chicken out.  I love the spices in Mexican food, but I’m not always a fan of the finished product.  Too much rice for me, but not in this dish.  There was no rice filler at all.  The burrito was all meat.  The red sauce added a lot of heat even though there wasn’t a whole lot and the nacho cheese was delicious.  It was like a soft nacho.

J went with one of the vegetarian combos.  She combo D which was one bean burrito, one cheese enchilada, and one chalupa.  She ate about half of the burrito which she was really good and split the cheese enchilada with me.  I’m guessing they used a cojita cheese which was nice and creamy.  We make cheese enchilada’s at home all the time but we use what we have in the fridge which is usually cheddar and mozzarella.  Not very authentic.  She offered me half of her burrito, but I was stuffed, so most of it went back.

Our bill was just over $20 before tip.  Our waiter was really good.  He wasn’t overbearing and was always there just when we needed something.  He was kind of soft spoken, but knew what he was doing which is all we can ask for.

We really liked Los Tres Amigos.  For two people that don’t really like Mexican, we were very pleased and looking forward to a return visit.  This is one of those times I’m really glad I stepped outside of my comfort zone and tried something new.  It wasn’t too far out there, but baby steps.  I’ll eventually work my way up to something a little more intimidating.




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2 09 2009
diana ferra

hola como estas , aqui paso a dejarte un saludito espoero que todo este bien ok cuidate mucho bye

2 09 2009
Mid-Michigan Dining

sorry…I totally bombed HS Spanish and any free translator I can find online isn’t translating most of it.

16 06 2010
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