More on New Year’s Eve….

31 12 2008

One station does a story on how places are struggling and another does a story on how everything’s ok.  Last night, WLAJ did this story on how places are targeting a little older for New Year’s.

Some local entertainment venues are finding success this New Year’s Eve… but often only with a certain audience.

Local hot spots have found the audience that is willing to spend for entertainment, even in this recession. The age sweet spot is somewhere between 25 and 45. 

“Occasionally we’ll see some older clientele come in, but the bulk of what we’re marketing for is that younger group… who seems to come out, not really afraid of what the current economy situation looks like,” says Patrick Wisema, manager at Club X-Cel in Lansing.

Eh.  Who cares.  Found out I’m not going out at all.  Barley’s is closing at 10 PM tonight.  10 PM!  On New Year’s!  Things must really be bad if bars are closing early.  So, J and I will spend New Year’s watching Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve in the right time zone for the first time ever.  In the Central time zone, they play it live so the ball drops at 11:00 and then we’d turn to a Chicago station for a countdown to Midnight….this year, midnight in New York will actually be our Midnight…yay!




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