Culvers of Bourbonnais, IL

29 12 2008
  • 983 Convent St.
  • Bourbonnais, IL 60914
  • (815) 614-3638
  • Website
  • Menu
Culvers of Bourbonnais on Convent Street

Culvers of Bourbonnais on Convent Street

It’s always fun when you take people some place new.  J and I have been eating at Culvers for a few years and love the food..well, love it as far as fast food goes.  My family had only been to Culvers one other time when we lived in Morton, IL and they just got custard, so lunch was something new…and apparently confusing for them.

J and I were in Bradley because my brother wanted to take a family portrait for my mom for Christmas.  J and I couldn’t get back before Christmas so we did it the Saturday after.  The Sears portrait studio made a huge mistake and took a walk-in of 17 just before our scheduled 12:00 appointment.  It was 1:30 before we even got our pictures started and 2:30 before we got out of there.  By that time, everyone was starving.  Even though everyone was hungry, no one wanted to make a decision.  Everyone my mom asked, “What do you want to eat?” would reply “I don’t care.”  I don’t know what restaurants are in the Bradley/Bourbonnais/Kankakee area, so I left it up to them…even though no one wanted to make a decision.

Finally, someone said Culvers which has just opened within the last month.  My brother didn’t think it was a great idea because it has been packed since it opened.  I just got in the car and started driving.  I noticed it was being built when we were home for Thanksgiving so I knew where it was.  J and I were going to Culvers even if it was by ourselves at that point.  I just wanted food.

Culvers is located on Convent Street near a part of town that isn’t really developed all that well commercially.  There are a lot of smaller businesses around the area and a Kroger, but there’s no big box store (unless you want to count Walgreens) or a lot of chain restaurants.  It’s a part of Bourbonnais that is starting to be developed, so maybe Culvers is just ahead of the game.

The new Culvers in Bourbonnais, IL

The new Culvers in Bourbonnais, IL

There was a line when we got there, but not anymore of a line that most other Culvers’ has.  J and I knew what we wanted so we got in line.  My family had a hard time deciding.  They were thrown off by “butter burger” and we didn’t think to tell them it was just what they called hamburgers, so they stared at the menu for quite a while trying to “find” something to eat. 

J and I ordered first.  I got a double butter burger with cheese, fries and a pop.  J got a single butter burger with cheese curds and a pop.  I forgot about the cheese curds.  They’re delicious.  A much better option than crinkle cut fries.  My burger was delicious.  The bill for the two of us was $13.

My aunt was up next and she ordered a chicken salad sandwich.  Had she known what a butter burger was, she probably would have ordered one of those, but she didn’t ask and she had never heard of it before.  She liked her sandwich and is now looking forward to a return trip.  She works not too far away and will be visiting often for lunch.

My brother and sister-in-law both got butter burgers and were surprised by how much better they were than most fast food places.  Like my aunt, I think Culvers has picked up new regulars.

My parents both got melts.  One got the Wisconsin Melt while the other got the sourdough melt and like everyone else, loved their meals. 

Lunch at Culvers couldn’t be complete without custard.  J and I ran back up to the counter.  The flavor of the day was chocolate Heath crunch.  J got a scoop of that and I got a small peanut butter cup Concrete Mixer.  My aunt also went  back and got a scoop of the chocolate Heath crunch.  Custard was a hit.  I like it so much better than Dairy Queen and the put so much more of the candy in and on top of the custard.

Culvers of Bourbonnais is a great addition to a town over run by chains.  There’s been a real business boom in the area lately with more of the national chains (restaurants and stores) moving in and expanding.  I was first introduced to Culvers five years ago in Peoria, IL.  I’m glad the Kankakee area is catching up and the option for fast food is more than McDonald’s or Wendy’s.




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