Free Food For a Year?

16 12 2008

I get an e-mail this afternoon that was forwarded to me by a source. 

Toppers Pizza at 1219 E Grand River Ave, East Lansing is giving away free
food for a year to the first 50 walk in customers this Saturday. They open
at 10:30am.

And of course, I thought, “no way.”  Free food for a year?  For 50 people?  I did a little digging.  There was a phone number attached and the area code of that phone number was for the Madison, WI area.  I found the Topper’s website and they are based in Madison.  While I’m at the website, I click on the “news” link to see if they have anything and what do you know?  They do!  Free food for a year for the first 50 walk in customers starting at 10:30 AM on Saturday morning. 

I’m heading to Illinois this weekend for work, but maybe I can convince J to freeze her ass off for free food 🙂




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16 12 2008

Well you freezed your ass off to get me a signed copy of Jon and kate Plsu 8’s book… so I can stand in line for something that will help me too!

16 12 2008

You stood in line for Kate on Friday? One of my TV vices is J&K+8…I totally underestimated Kate’s popularity and showed up at 5:15 to have her sign my book…I bagged it when I saw the line wrapped around the side of Schulers…

16 12 2008
Mid-Michigan Dining

yeah…I thought it’d be a nice surprise for J. She totally forgot about it. I thought I made up a pretty bad excuse to get out of the house, but she bought it.

I got in line about 3:15…I was just around the corner along the side of the building between Schuler’s and Claddagh…got out of there a little after 5:00. It wasn’t too bad once she started signing. No pictures with her. No personalization. No chit-chat. She was just a book signing machine…she barely looked up.

Mission accomplished though…I got home and gave J the book. She said “aw, you bought me Jon and Kate’s book” still didn’t click that Kate was in town. I had to open the cover to show her the signature. She read the whole book in two sittings…it’s still sitting on the coffee table waiting for me..I’m not in a big hurry. Now, if it was Jon’s point of view….

19 11 2015
April. Norton

l like. know. more. information. free food 313 854 2455

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