Smoking Ban on Last Leg

12 12 2008

I mentioned this in comments last week and I had heard some rumblings, but I was hoping it wasn’t true.  According to MIRS News this morning, the smoking ban is hinging on one thing….the ability for a business to buy their way out of it.

House Speaker Andy Dillon plans to bring the legislation up next week with an addition that would allow business to buy their way out of enforcing it.

I think this is crap.  You shouldn’t be able to buy your way out of a law.  My hope is that this will be a huge fee.  I initially said in comments nothing short of $10,000 a year, but the more I think about it, the more I tend to like the idea of 1/4 of gross receipts.  Think of the money the state could get from the Detroit casinos if they charge a 1/4 of all money taken in to the casino….not a 1/4 of profits, but a 1/4 of receipts.  That would deter most bars and restaurants from taking advantage of the buyout, but would still, probably, give the casino’s the exemption they’ve been asking for.




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12 12 2008

There’s no way any “smoking permit” would be that expensive, nor would it be fair to any cigar bar or tobacco shop. That would ensure only the casinos could afford it.

Actually, the Monday committee hearing on HB 4163 was just canceled, so I don’t know if that means ban supporters are walking away from any deal. I know they don’t support permits.

12 12 2008
Mid-Michigan Dining

My hope is that it is so outrageous that no would could afford it. The lawmakers can then say, “Hey, it’s your choice, not ours” How important is smoking….really? Enough to give up a 1/4 of your reciepts? I doubt it.

If the non-smoking groups pulled out, I can understand why. Allowing a buyout does no one any good. If it’s cheap, then everyone will do it and even having a smoking ban on the books is a joke.

12 12 2008

You can always ask Blago of Illinois how profitable smoking bans can be.

8 01 2009

If they are banning cigarette smoke then what about fireplaces, bon fires, fire that are controlled burns, crikey smokers get blamed for all illnesses regarding lungs, it’s ridiculous! If second hand smoke killed I would have been dead 50 years ago as my mom smoked in the house all my life, my lungs are perfectly clear today per xrays. Low birth weight BULL!!!! I had two children and smoked during both pregnancies, this was in 1969 & 1971 when normal baby weights were 7 to 7 1/2 pounds.. My first born weighed 8 pounds and my second 8 lbs 13 oz… so they can put all that propaganda out that they want, uppity snickery people are aggravating!! If you don’t like the smoke go somewhere else! It is our right to do what we want and I don’t need big brother or big sister to tell me how screwed up I am because I smoke…… PLEASE!!!
Now I understand they have come out with “3rd hand smoke” resulting from smoke that gets on clothing…. For crying out loud GET A LIFE!!!
I just figure these people just don’t have enough going on in their own lives so they feel they need to control other peoples lives!! It’s shameful!

8 01 2009
Mid-Michigan Dining

That’s not even a good argument. Fireplaces produce the same carcinogens as tobacco? Whatever

You have every right to do whatever you want….but not when it affects me. Why are you’re rights to kill yourself more important than my right not to be killed by you? It has nothing to do with “controlling” your life or big brother.

It’s funny that smokers think they still have a voice in this. It’s going to happen. If there was no tax revenue involved, it would have been done ages ago. Lawmakers aren’t dumb. They know that they get millions of dollars every year from smokers who are too stupid to quit when they jack taxes up again. Many General Assembly’s have balanced their budget on the backs of smokers and they don’t want to see that go.

It’s not a question of if, but more of a question of when. If they drag this out till 2011, you will see an overwhelming majority of voters vote in favor of a complete, outright ban. If you don’t want that, then you better hope the legislature figures it out soon.

7 06 2011

I am a smoker, and I support the smoking ban in restaurants. I can’t stand the smoke when I’m trying to eat. I also think it’s good to impose some discretion not only for setting the right example for young people, but also because unfortunately there are dumb and inconsiderate people who don’t have an inclination for those around them. And I know as a smoker, the fact is, it isn’t healthy. So, a comparison to fireplaces, or your mom smoking in the house all your life as an attempted rationale is simply denial and uneducated.

However, I also believe the anti-smokers also don’t know where to draw the line. Cigar bars and tobacco shops selling tobacco pipes and cigars should be allowed. If the place is for legal activity and specifically intended for those who are interested, then this should be allowed and those against this are imposing their values on others. Smoking a fine cigar or pipe is akin to drinking fine wine, eating superb cuisine, listening to jazz or painting. It is a pleasure in life that should not be outlawed because of ones own personal preference or choices. And don’t push the argument of rising health costs because cigar and pipe smoking are not in the same category as cigarettes.

People need to learn where to draw the line between what is right, whose right it is, and righteousness.

As I said, I don’t have an issue with restraining myself from smoking in certain places so as not to offend or subject another, but you’ll never take away my right to enjoy a fine cigar!

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