Lindt – Chicago

30 11 2008
  • 840 N. Michigan Ave
  • Chicago, IL 60611
  • (312) 440-3986
  • Website
Lindt in Water Tower Place on Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago

Lindt in Water Tower Place on Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago

After leaving the Billy Goat Tavern, we continued heading north on Michigan Avenue.  J and I both grew up near Chicago, so it wasn’t our first trip, but it was the first time in a long time we went downtown with no agenda, no tickets for a show, or no reason.  We just went for a walk and took in the sights.  The streets were packed with tourists and street performers so it took a little while to make it down to Water Tower Place.  Later, after picking my brother and sister-in-law up from the theater, my brother said he had no idea there was a mall in downtown Chicago. 

Water Tower Place is a seven story mall right in the heart of the shopping district on Michigan Avenue.  J and I weren’t really shopping, but we thought we’d walk around Water Tower because a.) it was warm and b.) it would kill some time.  We stopped in a few stores, but the first one we bought anything in was the Lindt store on the sixth floor. 

The store is really tiny and chocolate is popular among shoppers.  We squeezed our way through to see if there was anything we couldn’t live without.  J and I both like truffles and that’s what Lindt does well.  Unlike a traditional chocolate shop, Lindt chocolates are mass produced and wrapped in neat little wrappers.  There were quite a few choices other than truffles, but we found ourselves in the back of the store were there were cases of tin foil wrapped chocolates.  The deal that day was buy 4 @ $.50/each and get one free.  J picked out two white chocolate truffles, two peanut butter truffles and one mint.  The total for the five pieces of candy was just $2.21. 

We stepped outside the store and dug in.  J handed me a white chocolate truffle first.  I love white chocolate.  I inhaled it in one bite.  She then handed me the peanut butter.  It met the same fate as the white chocolate truffle.  J did the same then hung on to the mint truffle for an after dinner snack.

Lindt was good, but it’s a chain and it’s one of those “you always know what you’re going to get.”  Each piece of chocolate is as perfect as the next and that takes away some of the magic for me.  I still prefer to go to a candy shop, but Lindt is something you can get anywhere.  Hell, you can get it at the Target on Saginaw Highway.  When I saw there was a Lindt chocolate shop, I was hoping they would be making candy, not just selling prepackaged stuff.




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28 11 2009
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22 06 2018
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