America’s Dog – Downtown Chicago

30 11 2008
  • 26 E. Randolph St.
  • Chicago, IL 60601
  • (312) 345-0100
  • Website
  • Menu
Americas Dog on Randolph St. in downtown Chicago

America's Dog on Randolph St. in downtown Chicago

J and I have been planning a day out in Chicago with my brother and his wife for quite some time.  My brother was going to surprise his wife with tickets to Wicked at the Ford Theater on Randolph in downtown Chicago.  J and I saw the show a couple years ago, so we weren’t going to go, but we were going to spend the day downtown walking and just enjoying the Mag Mile around Christmas time. 

My brother drove up to J’s parents house in the south suburbs then turned the keys over to me.  They were going to eat at Portillo’s in Crestwood (review HERE), but when they drove by, it was way too crowded so they passed.  He really wanted a Chicago Dog.  There were a few places along Cicero on the way to I-55, but I knew of a place in the theater district that I figured we could stop at.

We parked in a self park near the theater and started to walk to Gold Coast Dogs (review HERE), but right next to the parking ramp was America’s Dog, so we stopped there instead.  J and I weren’t going to eat, but we went in to check it out.  The store is tiny like most places in downtown Chicago.  The kitchen is exposed and seperated by a counter so you can watch your dogs being made.  My brother ordered his Chicago Dog minus tomatoes, a chili dog for his wife and a pop to share.  I was going to go grab a table, but all that was left in the small shop was two tops.  I didn’t see the need to take up two tables since J and I weren’t eating so I said goodbye and let them eat lunch before going to the theater.

After the show, we met back up with my brother and his wife.  My brother loved the hot dog.  Even though they live about an hour from Chicago, he can’t get a true Chicago-style dog there.  He said he wasn’t sure what makes the difference, but Chicago style dogs are so much better than a regular hot dog.  I told him it was because he didn’t drown the thing in ketchup which, of course, you don’t do with a Chicago dog.  My sister-in-law liked her dog, but not as much as my brother. 

There was plenty on the menu and we could have eaten there, but we were looking for something else since we had more time to kill.  America’s Dog is another place to get a true, authentic Chicago hot dog in downtown Chicago.  Whether your shopping or taking in a show, America’s Dog is close to everything.




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